Multi -Phase Flow Meter

Reference 74.11.4112
Date 4/19/2012
Location Middle East
Item 001 QTY=2, Multi -Phase Flow Meter for Crude Oil
- Portable skid mounted with sun shield for skid.
- Compact design, stainless steel material for all parts.
- Inlet &outlet flow ended with quick union connection
- Not influenced by presence of sand production.
- H2S, CO2 resistance.
- Power supply (18- 29V DC, 100-240 VAC).
- Ambient temperature (-5°C TO 60°C)
- Humidity (10 % - 85%)
- Operation pressure (5,000 psi max).
- Operation temperature (5°c to 70°c).
- Flow rates properties
*Oil flow rate rang ( 250 to 10,000 bbl/day)
*Operating rang of GVF ( 0-90 % )
*Operating rang of water cut ( 0-60 % )

Specification of crude oil accompanied water crude oil
- API range (10 – 35)
- Viscosity range (0.2 to 10 CP) accompanied water
- Salinity range up to 150000 PPM

Item 002 QTY=2, Software for multi-phase flow meter have free license

Item 003 QTY=4, Personal computer (laptop ) , 14 " screen , connected directly to multi-phase flow via RS232,lan,USB 2.0 , Bluetooth or other protocols under Microsoft windows based operating system. Operating system windows XP SP2 or higher.

Item 004 QTY=2 Kit, Cable connected MPFM to personal computer at least (30m) long type RS232, lane or USB 2.0 depend on type of connection.

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Bid Bond 1% from Submitted Prices
Offer Validity 120 days
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