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Provision of Maintenance of Vehicles
Transportation and Vehicles
Reference BID902285
Date 9/25/2012
Location Africa
This Scope of Services covers the provision of Maintenance of Company Vehicles associated with the company Operations. The Services will be performed on the company locations.

As a minimum requirement, the selected Contractor shall have the necessary experience, capability and shall be fully responsible for the supply and performance of this maintenance service

- Provision of all routine maintenance and non routine repairs necessary to keep the vehicles in safe and roadworthy conditions. Routine maintenance shall include all work in accordance with the manufacturer’s service schedule (inclusive of all lubricants, filters, points and plugs). Routine maintenance excludes extra-ordinary maintenance which shall be defined as all maintenance of whatever nature that is not caused by an accident/incident

- Provision and supply of lubricants, hydraulic fluids and any other type of motor oil required for the maintenance of vehicles (as specified by the vehicle manufacturers)

- Provision of all resources including workshops, mechanics, spare parts, tools and materials necessary to perform the services

- Maintain history cards showing dates of all repairs carried out, spare parts used, mileage and time taken to effect the work for each vehicle

- Have a standard workshop which shall have, at least, the following tools and equipment:
Air compressor and hoses
Wheel balancing machine
Tyre changing and repair tools and equipment
Fire extinguishers
High pressure washing machine with spray and jet lances
All small tools such as wrenches etc. necessary to perform work under this contract according to manufacturer’s specification.
Cutting and Welding equipment
A separate and properly ventilated battery room complete with eyewash stations
Wheel alignment (tracking) tools.
All cleaning materials necessary to perform work under this contract
A first Aid Box readily available and regularly refurbished according to a plan.
Engine diagnostic equipment
A sufficient stock of spare parts to ensure that downtime is minimised

Scope of Work shall include all required labour, materials, workshop and equipment to implement the maintenance and repairs of company`S vehicles.

The selected Contractor will be responsible for the mobilisation and subsequent demobilisation of its equipment, tools and personnel between place of origin and the company’s nominated onshore location where the Services are to be performed.

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Transportation and Vehicles
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