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Supply of Spares for Pump
Pumps: Positive Displacement
Reference 1315/2012
Date 10/17/2012
Location Middle East
Pump sterling pump, England
Location: A.P.I Lube 3P1903

Spare parts for P 1903 Lube No.3
Type 12MB/C-3
Serial No: 9907000-1
Com Job. 199024: Q72 M3/H
Drawing No. T.29127 Rev.3
H30 M 28.2 Kw R.P.M 1480

Item 1
Shaft coupling Pt.No. 1C
Quantity: 4

Item 2
Bushing Pt.No. 4C
Quantity: 10

Item 3
Impeller Pt.No. 8C
Quantity: 4

Item 4
Lateral Bowl wearing ring Pt.No.9C
Quantity: 6

Item 5
Bushing Pt.No.11C
Quantity: 10

Item 6
Bushing Pt.No.12
Quantity: 10

Item 7
Suction manifold bearing Pt.No.15C
Quantity: 8

Item 8
Gland Pt.No.81C
Quantity: 2

Item 9
Cover with cams Pt.No.304
Quantity: 2

Item 10
Bearing bush Pt.No.312
Quantity: 8

Item 11
Seeger ring Pt.No.341
Quantity: 2

Item 12
Radial lip seal Pt.No.346
Quantity: 4

Bidding Information

Bid Bond 1% from Submitted Prices
Offer Validity 120 days
Documents Price ID 50000
Pumps: Positive Displacement
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