Supplying of Maintenace Services

Maintenance and Repair
Reference BID902705
Date 12/26/2013
Location Africa
Tender to Maintenace of services department store NO”4” at ganhfooda. STC12-2013/126

So, to all qualified, Specialized Companies only which have previous experience in this field and which have the intention to submit to one of or the both tenders. Booklets handing will be during the period from Sunday 05/01/2014 to Tuesday 07/01/2014 between 09:00 noon to 12:00. And handing will be to their representatives who have to fill the receiving form (available with announcement in and ahead, before coming to receive booklets to ease and speed the process.

Specification booklets are to be obtained from office No. 10, Ganhfooda Site –against payment as mentioned in the above table, paid through non refundable certified cheque (From a Libyan bank) Credited to Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO). Booklets will not be submitted to other than the qualified capable bidders, which are able to submit required documents by this announcement, according to the Following conditions:

1- Representatives have to be authorized through official letters from their Companies, including company stamp.

2- Who desire to bid has to present his qualification and past experience, supported with documents in the related Field. Also legal and financial documents, according to the prevailing laws for those registered in Libya, have to be submitted. These are :

a.Decree of formation.
b.Valid Commercial registration.
c.Valid registration Certificate from Chamber of Commerce.
d.Valid working permission.
e.Valid proof of tax payment.
f.The decision of the Minister of Economy.
g.Financial status along last three (3) years or current budget for new cos.

3- Bid to be submitted in three separate, red Wax sealed, envelopes stamped from bidder, indicating project name, and participating bidder name to be indicated on each envelope. One envelope is commercial Composed of one original +three copies. Second envelope is for technical (one original + three copies). Validity should be, at least, three months From the Closing date. Third envelope is un-priced commercial offer( does not contain price otherwise, it will be rejected ) has to contain the required payment conditions with the necessity to agree on all AGOCO general terms and conditions to participate in the tender, composed of one original + three copies.

- Bid bond value is 0.5% from bid total price and must be submitted as a certified cheque issued from a local Libyan bank to AGOCO, and contained in red wax sealed separate envelope. Bid bond cheques will be returned later for non accepted bidders.

- Take in Consideration when submit offer so that each site separately in terms of technical and financial offer.

Note: All correspondences must be addressed to the head of Sub Tender - Committee of Arabian Gulf Oil Company.

Bidding Information

Bid Bond 0.5%
Maintenance and Repair
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