Supply of Sheet Jointing
Reference KIS0954L17/01
Date 4/28/2016
Location Asia
The company invites bids for the following items:-

* Item 001 Qty=3000 Kg,sheet jointing sheet jointing, compressed asbestos fibre for steam, water, oil or gas service conforming to is : 2712 – 1979. Thickness - 3.2 mm (1/8"), Graphited Metallic 19 Kg./ Maximum @ 380 deg.C Grade - W/3.

* Item 002 Qty=500 Kg,sheet jointing, rubber proofed woven asbestos for air, water or steam service. Thickness - 3.2 mm (1/8"), Un-Graphited Metallic (Maximum .175 Deg.C).

* Item 003 Qty=150 No, sheet jointings - cork, conforming to is:4253 (part-ii) - 1980 Nitrile Rubberized Gasket Sheet having excellent Oil, petrols & ozone resistant prope rties, Type-C Suitable for use in outdoor transformer and heavy electrical equipments conforming to IS:4253-1980 (with latest amendment) and approved by Bureau of Indian Standards with the following specifications:
(i) Grade: NU-CORK, RC-70-C,
(ii) Binder: Nitrile,
(iii) Cork Grain Size: Fine quality 0.5to 1mm,
(iv) Hardeness IRHD: 70+/-5,
(v) Tensile Strength (kgf/cm sq.): 18.80 min.
(vi) Flexibility (4 times of the thickness): No cracks / breakage,
(vii) Compressibility (at 2800 KPa), percent: 25-35,
(viii)Density (gm/cm sq.):0.75-0.85,
(ix) Compression Set at (110+/-5 degree centigrade and Recovery 1 hr: 85%Max.
(x) pH Value on water extract (Chemical test):5.0-8.5,
(xi)Recovery Volume Change after Immersion in ASTM Oil No. For 70 Hrs. at (110+/-2) degree centigrade: 80% Minimum,
(xii)Dimensional change:1.5% Maximum. Size of the gasket sheet: 1000 mmx1000 mm x 3.0 mm.

Material and Finish: The Gasket sheet shall be clean soft grade type uniformly granulated and practically free from hard board, wood floor, dust and other foreign material likely to be detrimental to the serviceability of the gaskets. The finished material shall be capable of being cut or punched without cracking or tearing. Tests and Test Certificates: Tests as per the IS: 4253 (Part-II) shall be done for all the properties specified above and the manufacturer's test certificates shall be submitted along with the delivery of the items. Markings: The Gasket sheets shall be marked with - (a) manufacturer's name or trade mark (if any), (b) date of manufacture and (c)grade of gasket, (d)BIS certification mark.

* Item 004 Qty=3000 Kg, Sheet Jointing - Rubber White W/Canvas Insertion with size : 3.2 mm (1/8").

* Item 005 Qty=500 Kg, Sheet Jointing - Rubber White W/Canvas Insertion with Size : 6.4 mm (1/4").

* Item 006 Qty=200 Kg, Sheet Jointing - Rubber, Neoprene(Petrol/Oil Resistant), Size : 1.6 mm(1/16").

* Item 007 Qty=100000 G, packing, asbestos, cover-on-cover plaited, to i.s : 4687-1968. packing, asbestos, lubricated and graphited, to i.s.s grade 3 for medium pressure condition, square section size: 8 mm., 25.200 metres/Kg.

Bidding Information

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