Offshore Drilling Rigs Services

Rigs, Coring & Exploration
Reference PQ-16/04B
Date 3/14/2016
Location Middle East
The Company is contemplating to pre-qualify “International Company” or a “majority or fully Kuwaiti owned Company” which can provide Off-Shore Drilling Rigs that shall be suitable for operation in the off-shore locations at water depths of 1 m to 90 m in the country. Wells taken up for offshore drilling shall have depths up to 12000 ft, and some of the locations could be in environmentally sensitive zones. Applicant should be having the capability, equipment, machinery, tools, instruments and experienced personnel to execute the Services fulfilling following:
• To drill 28” through 4-1/8” holes for lowering 24”, 18-5/8”, 14”, 13-˝”, 13-3/8”, 10-3/4”, 9-5/8”, 8-5/8”, 7-3/4”, 7-5/8”, 7”, 5-˝”, 5”& 4-˝” dia. casing/liners of various grades and weights.
• Applicant has capability to drill high angle directional and/ or horizontal wells drilling experience.
• Capacity to drill wells to + 12,000 ft depth (M.D) using water/oil base mud.
• Minimum 1600 bbls active mud system.
• And shall have the hoisting capacity of minimum 750,000 lbs.
• The equipment and the expertise shall be suitable to operate in sour conditions.

The Applicant is capable and prepared for providing associated services inclusive the following: -
a) Supply Boats
b) Towing Boats
c) Logistics/Transport Support for offshore drilling services
d) Helicopter Services
e) Diving Services
f) Storage/Warehouse/Camp/Workshop facilities supporting offshore drilling services
g) Mud Cuttings Discharge Boats
h) Seabed survey/testing facilities
i) Oil spill contingency Services
j) Loading/Offloading facilities for offshore drilling services

Bidding Information

Documents Price KD 100.00
Rigs, Coring & Exploration
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