Supply of HVAC Compressors Overhauling Services

Reference 9900008641
Date 6/21/2016
Location Middle East
The company invites ‘Tenderer’ to tender for the Supply of HVAC Compressors Overhauling Services Carlyle/Carrier Make. The scope includes works pertaining to Servicing and Overhauling of HVAC Compressors Carlyle Make of different rating and type installed in the HVAC Systems across the company facilities at Sohar site in accordance with the scope of work as-and-when required against on call order from the effective date of Contract up to 3-Year Service Contract.

The following standards and requirements insofar as they are applicable, shall be used in conjunction with these documents:
• OEM Manuals, Service Guide & Documentation
• POL-HSE-GEN-01:2014 the company HSE Management System & Policies
• NEC (National Electrical Code)

The contractor responsibilities are as follows:-

- Contractor shall provide all qualified manpower, shop space, machinery, equipment, tools, materials and consumables required for completing the overhauling service works.
- Materials such as crankshaft, rod - piston, piston rings, gasket and bearings shall be supplied by the Contractor. In such a case Contractor shall comply with Compressor original specifications and will be reimbursed as per Schedule of Rates.
- Consumables such as Compressor Oil, Bolts/ Nuts etc. supplied by the Contractor, shall be new and comply with Compressor OEM and without any charge to the company.
- All Materials and Consumables shall be from OEM and a copy manufacturer certificates and quality reports shall be attached along with compressor final report.
- Contractors shall be agreeable to extend the maintenance services to HVAC Compressors Carlyle/Carrier Make of that may be installed in other plants and facilities. The rates for such services shall be derived from the rates in the contract being finalized under this tender.

Bidding Information

Documents Price OMR 100.00
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