Hiring Agency for Gail Sahayogi for Gail Cherlapalli

Sourcing & Procurement
Reference GAIL/VIZ/C62992
Date 6/24/2016
Location Asia
The company invites bids for Hiring Agency Services for Gail Sahayogi for VSPL Cherlapally. The details for scope of work are as follows:-

* The contract shall comprise of assisting GAILís Pipeline Team for deploying GAIL Sahyogi in the villages along the pipe line ROW (Right of way). The contractor shall ensure the implementation of GAIL Sahyogi Scheme for the LPG Pipelines Row in the State of Telangana.

* The details of the office address, contact number and all other relevant details will be submitted by the Contractor to Engineer-in-charge (EIC) before commencement of work. The same is required to receive instructions, notice or other communications in order to execute the contract.

* The contractor shall ensure implementation of instructions received from P/L O&M in-charge or EIC for carrying out various activity of P/L Safety awareness amongst villagers along the P/L ROW.

* The company shall have the powers to issue necessary instructions concerning discipline, decorum, work performance, safety etc., to the persons engaged through the contractor (if any) and the persons engaged shall comply with all such instructions strictly.

* Income Tax shall be deducted at source from contractorís monthly bill as per Income Tax Act. Income Tax Deductions Certificate shall be issued to the contractor.

* The Contractor should meet the Engineer-in-charge (EIC) as and when required.

* The contractor shall be solely responsible for arranging insurance policies and making payment of premium for PJJBY for all the GAIL Sahyogi.

* The contractor shall indemnify GAIL against all losses or damages, if any, caused to it on account of acts of the personal, if any, deployed by him.

* While confirming to any of these conditions, the contractor should ensure that no law of state regarding labor, their welfare, conduct etc., is violated. The contractor shall indemnify GAIL for any action brought against him for violation, non-compliance of any act, rules & regulation of center / state / local statutory authorities.

* The contractor shall also undertake to obtain necessary insurance coverage covering all risks connected with the job to be undertaken by him under the contract from insurance company and pay the premium accordingly.

* The contractor is assisting GAIL for deploying GAIL Sahyogi and implementation of scheme and it would be awarded to the party quoting the lowest fixed service charges. However if, more than one party quotes the lowest service charge or same rate then the contract would be split into parts at the sole discretion of GAIL.

* The fixed service charges quoted by the party shall be paid on monthly basis for the entire contractual period on the basic contract value, irrespective of the execution of SOR quantities. However the same shall be applicable to the extended period of contract at GAILís discretion.

* Period of contract shall be 12 months from the date of PO/FOI/LOI with a provision for extension for further period of six months as per GAILís discretion on same rates, terms and conditions.

* Security Deposit: As per GAIL C&P procedure. The SD shall be released on successful completion of contract.

* The Contact can be terminated with a notice period of 15 days without assigning any reason.

* Contract agreement is to be furnished in prescribed format on non-judicial stamp paper.

* Payment will normally be made within 15 days of submission of bills to Engineer-in-charge after applicable deduction of Income Tax and any other taxes and duties. Payment will be made through electronic mode (Ebanking) only. The payments will be made to your bank account with Reputed Banks having E-banking facility.

* Contractor is required to submit monthly running bills in quadruplicate to ENGINEER-IN-CHARGE, by first week of every month, for the jobs completed during the previous month, for job certification and payment. The payment against monthly RA Bill shall be released based on the actual job carried & documents, duly certified by Site-in-charge and EIC.

* The rates once quoted for all SOR items shall remain firm for total duration of contract, including extended period of contract also.

* Final bill along with No claim certificate shall be submitted within 30 days of completion of contract period.

* No advance shall be paid for the contractor for execution of contract.

* In no case, payment of the bills shall be made if the jobs are not certified by the site engineer from time to time.

* The Copies of Service tax challans have to be submitted along with monthly RA bills.

* No other payment will be payable other than schedule of payment to the contractor. The payment for rest days, holidays, Sundays, National holidays will be paid by the contractor as per labor rules / guidelines.

Bidding Information

Bid Bond INR 28,500.00
Offer Validity 90 days
Sourcing & Procurement
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