ARC for Courier Services at Hazira Compressor Station

Reference GAIL/HZR/62914/3300064843/FL-20C/16-17
Date 6/30/2016
Location Asia
The company invites bids for ARC for Courier Services at its Hazira Compressor Station. The scope of work includes the following:-

a) Time is the essence of this Contract. The agency will arrange collection, transportation and delivery of the articles/ dak/consignment at destination stations within 24-48 hrs. for domestic and diplomatic station and 72-96 hrs. for major International Cities. However, an addition time of 24 hrs. will be permitted for delivery in case of major international cities subject to submission of documentary evidence. Consignment of commercial nature weighing upto 30 kgs. (Imported & indigenous) shall also be collected as and when the requirement arises.

b) The agency shall ensure that durable waterproof air bags and cardboard cartons of different sizes and of adequate strength are provided at the collection centers of GAIL Hazira as per requirements. No documents / paper / parcel shall be held back for dispatch through courier service for want of waterproof air bags, cartons. The agency will be directly and solely be held responsible for the damage theft, loss, and misplacement etc. of the articles/dak/consignment.

c) The agency shall arrange to have consignment notes prepared for each document/envelope/ parcel/ packet/ bundle indicating consignee’s and consignor’s full name and address, the company’s job number, weight of each consignment, date of collection etc. and shall handover one copy of the consignment note to the collection Centre (Gail, Hazira) before taking the consignment.

d) The agency’s representatives shall ensure that each document/ envelopment / parcel / packet / bundle is properly sealed with cell – tape as per instructions of the GAIL (Cello – tape to be provided by the agency at their cost), weighted and recorded job –wise in the respective consignment notes in the presence of Company’s authorized representative as per requirement indicated herein above. The agency shall submit their bills based on the total weight being dispatched to each destination / location.

e) The agency shall collect all documents/ papers/ parcels from collection center as fixed by the company and notified to the agency at specified hours without payment of any extra transportation / conveyance charges on daily basis.

f) The agency shall ensure collection / delivery of documents / envelopes/ papers / parcels / bundles etc from collection center or six days a week (Monday to Saturday) or as per the instructions of the Engineer-in-charge of collection center. The agency shall ensure that each consignment collected by them from collection center is delivered at its destinations within the contractual time schedule.

g) The company’s Office / Installations /Work Centers have five / six day working in a week. In case of Company’s closed days / holidays. Collection and delivery of documents / envelopes/ papers/ parcels shall be required to be effected on the previous working day or the next working day as per the instructions of company’s authorised representative/ Oiicer-incharge of the collection center.

h) The agency shall furnish proof of delivery (PODs) in respect of all consignments for both domestic as well as international destinations. “PODs of all Daks and parcels collected during a particular month has to be attached with the monthly bill without PODs payment shall not be made. In case hard copy cannot be furnished as PODs the same shall be furnished in the form of computer print out/telex etc. PODs to the extent of 80% to 90% shall be furnished at the time of submitting the monthly bills or as required by the company.

i) In case the Agency fails to deliver any document / paper/parcel / at any destination within the stipulated period, the company shall, apart from not making any payment for that particular consignment, recover Rs.200/- Indian Rupees per consignment on international sector and Rs.100/- per consignment on the domestic sector

j) The agency will arrange its own weighing machine at each collection center, which will be made available during the entire contract period including its repairs/replacement.

Bidding Information

Bid Bond INR 17,000.00
Bond Validity 150 days
Offer Validity 90 days
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