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Procurement of Document Management System
Import Documentation System
Reference SDI9618P19
Date 11/1/2018
Location Asia
The company announces its need for Procurement of Document Management System (QTY 01 NO.)

Technical Specifications with Quantity:
- Item 001 Qty= 01
The DMS software should be of enterprise edition and latest version should be supplied. The bidder has to mention the unique Name, edition and version of the quoted DMS.
A. General Features:
1. File-wise / page-wise or any other kind of indexing of documents and data.
2. There should be provision for MS Outlook users to save email and email attachments in DMS repository.
3. DMS must provide Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) support for integration with Active Directory services for user authentication and single-sign on.However, there should be provision for user authentication using standard user credentials.
4. Web interface must support Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari etc.
B. Administration and Management features:
1. Multiple-level user-access.
2. Role-based access:
2.1. There must be different categories of users based on their roles and privileges. For example, users may be classified into super-admin, Viewers, Administrator, Group Manager (list is only indicative and not exhaustive).
2.2. Support multiple permissions like search, read only, read-write, delete etc.
3. The software should provide solutions for managing users, managing volumes, descriptors, managing folders and subfolders, managing data- class etc.
4. Facility for changing password.
5. There should be a check-in check-out feature enabling the user to allow or not allow other users to modify the document when it is being examined.
C. Taxonomy and Batch Management features:
1. The software should let user create / assign document types to each other document.
2. There should also be a provision for importing and exporting batches of document files into and from the DMS system.
3. Provision to 'drag and drop' documents from a local or a mapped drive to a folder in the DMS system and vice versa would be preferred.
D. Indexing and Linking of Documents:
1. Scope for proper indexing should be available. It should be possible to search any page using required fields such as name of the file, keywords, etc. (This list is only indicative and not exhaustive).
2. Certain indices like date of creation with time-stamp should be automatically created. The latest activity/modification date must also be automatically retained.
3. DMS should Support for multiple file types: pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, tiff, jpeg, dwg (Auto CAD) etc.
4. DMS should support various metadata types like numeric, float, alphanumeric, etc.
5. The indices may be modified or deleted when required by the authorized user.
6. Provision of linking documents to other documents. Structured data need to be linked with scanned files using defined parameters.
E. Version Control in the DMS software:
1. Must have provision for storing multiple versions of the same document.
F. Searching and Retrieval of documents and folders with DMS soft
1. The search module should support multiple search and retrieval methods. These include general search, index search, search by metadata, full text search, keywords search, phrase search

- Item 002, Installation & Commissioning [Qty = 01 Au]
1. The installation & configuration of the DMS software (as well as any other associated software) will be carried out by the successful bidder.
2. Installation and commissioning of the entire solution should be completed within 30 days of receiving the site clearance/readiness information.
3. An installation & commissioning documentation has to submit after successfully completion of installation and commissioning.
4. After successful installation and commissioning, complete testing of DMS solution should be done by the successful bidder in presence OIL personnel.
5. Installation & commissioning will be considered as complete after successful testing of DMS.

- Item 003, Training [Qty = 01 Au]
1. The bidder must impart training to:
a) End-users: The end user training will have to be conducted at OILs premises and must be completed within 1 month from the date of complete installation and commissioning. The training will be conducted in 2 batches, maximum batch size of 30. Training venue & infrastructure will be provided by OIL. Bidder has to supply all the training materials to users.
b) Administrators: Administrators training on DMS administration for minimum 3 persons should be conducted for a period of minimum three days at Duliajan. The training should be completed before installation & commissioning or at a mutually agreed schedule.

- Item 004, Annual Maintenance Services (Ams) [Qty = 01 Au].
a) The Successful bidder should quote for 04 (four) years Annual Maintenance Service (AMS) for DMS. The rates quoted for AMS shall be considered for BID evaluation.
b) AMS will start from the next day after successful completion of warranty period for the entire DMS Solution.
c) Successful bidder shall have to supply and install all upgrades, patches, bug fixes released for the supplied software applications including database during the AMS period, at no extra cost to OIL.
d) A single point of contact with escalation matrix must be provided to OIL by the successful bidder.
e) During the AMS period, bidder may take the remote session to provide maintenance support and resolve the issue within 48 hours.
f) The bidder has to bear the cost of travelling, local conveyance, boarding and lodging expenses for the engineers to attend on-site service, if required.

Bidding Information

Bid Bond INR. 1,86,500.00
Import Documentation System
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