Provision of Domestic & International Leased Circuits

Communication Equipment
Reference 00000164
Date 4/9/2020
Location Africa
The Company plans to engage reputable Telecommunication Companies for the Provision of Domestic & International Leased Circuits to interconnect MPN's locations both locally and internationally for an anticipated contract term of three (3) years with one (1) year optional renewal period. Contract is expected to commence in 2020.

This project covers the provision of leased Fiber and VSAT connectivity between MPN and locations both locally and internationally. The connections are to support critical business voice, data and video communications on a continuous basis.
The project will be in three parts as follows:
Part A-Provision of connectivity services to ExxonMobil MPLS network Point Of
Presence (POP). Connectivity to the POP shall be considered from (but not limited
to) the following locations:
a) Mobil House Lagos
b) QIT, Akwa Ibom
c) Eket, Akwa Ibom

Part B-Provision of Domestic (National) Leased Fiber Connectivity services to:
1. Interconnect ExxonMobil Nigeria Affiliates 'Operation Hubs. The hubs are:
a) Mobil House, Lagos
b) QIT/EKET, Akwa Ibom
2. Interconnect ExxonMobil Remote sites to the adjoining Operational hubs. The sites include but not limited to:
a) Abuja FCT
b) Uyo, Akwa Ibom
c) Bonny River Terminal, Rivers
d) FOTOnne, Rivers

Part C- Provision of International and Domestic Leased VSAT Circuit (O3B VSAT
Inclusive) with option for Bandwidth on Demand Service for (but not limited to):
a) Offshore - Lagos
b) Offshore - Houston
c) Interconnection of sites listed in Parts A& B
The general work scope for the project includes but not limited the following:
a) Provision of VSAT, Fiber and Microwave leased capacity over the PROVIDER's
b) Provision and installation of related equipment
c) Maintenance and support of the overall infrastructure
d) Utilization of installed infrastructure for the provision of Internet at the listed sites
e) Vendors must own the network infrastructure (VSAT Earth station, Fiber Networks -
terrestrial or Transatlantic) and or be direct OEM representatives

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Communication Equipment
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