Implementation of Tetra Communications Network

Communication Equipment
Reference 1000004632
Date 7/5/2020
Location Africa
The company announces to interested and prequalified companies an upcoming tendering opportunity for Implementation of Tetra Communications Network. The company plans to further expand its Tetra digital trunked radio network to provide coverage over its entire geographical oil concession area in the Niger Delta region.

Currently, the company’s Tetra network coverage is over a relatively sizeable portion of its operational area in the Eastern Division and is composed of Motorola Dimetra central switch, several Motorola MTS2 repeaters installed, with several dozens of Motorola MTP8550EX hand portables, MTM5400 mobile and base radios.

The implementation of this expansion of Tetra Network shall be deployed using existing SPDC’s telecommunication infrastructure. The proposed contract will provisionally commence in Q4 2020 and remain active for 2 years’ duration, followed by 1-year extension option.

The scope of work for the services shall include but not limited to
• Detailed survey of the sites to assess current state of existing Telecom infrastructure.
• Perform an integration design showing detailed telecom and data communications interface.
• Acquire licenses from the Ministry of Communications (MOC) to cover the planned frequencies.
• Procure, install, integrate and commission fixed base stations and mobile repeaters (on vehicles and boats).
• Provide Tetra hand portables.
• Procure, install and commission mobile radios (for vehicles & boats).
• Procure, install and commission desk / base radios.
• Implement the Tetra AUL (Automatic User Locator) system for installed hand portables and mobile radios.
• Procure, install and commission Tetra Gateways (DMO/TMO repeaters for temporary coverage extension to areas with weak or no signals).
• Decommission existing VHF/UHF trunk radio and disused antennas as may be necessary.
• Provide Tetra hardware spares and post installation support and maintenance (where required).
• Provide OEM training on tetra technology, installation, maintenance and operation.
• Perform formal coverage drive testing, commissioning and handover to Telecoms Operations for maintenance and support.

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Communication Equipment
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