Ten (10) Wells Drilling Rig and Associated Services in Y2023

Reference CMIT-PRT-10.30-230071
Date 8/30/2023
Location Middle East
The company announces its need for Ten (10) Wells Drilling Rig and Associated Services in Y2023.

Fail to meet any of below key factors will lead to disqualification:

Scope of Business must be related to the scope of work of the tender.
Legal Entity and Qualification of Bidder
Bid proposals are in properly sealed condition
Bid Proposal Period of Validity shall be as required in this TENDER DATA SHEET (TDS) (aforementioned Clause 11.1).
Bid Bond submission
Signed & Stamped Cover Letter (as per Section 2 PROPOSAL CONTENTS AND FORMS, Attachment 2A: Proposal Format of Cover Letter)
Price proposal is separate from Technical & Commercial proposal.
Bidder is required to propose all ten (10) wells drilling rig and associated services as per lump sum mode.
The proposed rig quantity required is at least three (3) rigs with available time windows from Bidder. The rig capacity is required no less than 2000HP for drilling wells. The rig(s) which is under manufacturing will be disqualified.
All required rigs shall complete mobilization and spud-in within four (4) months from the Contract date. Contractor shall ensure the mobilization duration of the drilling rigs can meet Company’s operation plan window.
The Bidder is required to propose drilling rigs and personnel, drilling fluid, cementing, mud logging, wireline logging, directional drilling, completion support service and other associated services as required in ITT.
The manufacture year of Proposed Rigs shall be no earlier than Y2011.
The pressure of mud pumps is no less than 5000psi (or the capacity no less than 1600HP) and the quantity is no less than three (3) sets for each rig.
The whole Drilling operation duration (from the first well spud in to the last well hand over to completion, including lower completion duration) with Rigs Moves between well-sites shall be within thirteen (13) months.
Bidder shall submit the Third-Party Inspection (TPI) certificates for rigs and the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) certificate, otherwise, bidder shall provide an official commitment signed and stamped letter promising to provide the certificates after contract award. The TPI company shall follow the requirement of MOC and MoO.
Contractor's past performance evaluation in Missan Oilfield, only bidders with qualified performance record and new bidders to Missan oilfield shall be considered qualified in this item.

Bidding Information

Bid Bond US 1,100,000.00
Offer Validity 300 days
Documents Price US 300.00
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