Supplying and Installing Flowmeters

Reference BID9618
Date 11/1/2009
Location Middle East
Ref. No.: 1/2007
Issue Date: 01-Nov-2009
Bid Closing Date: 04-Jan-2010
New Bid Closing Date: 03-Oct-2010
Offer Validity: 3 months from the Bid Closing Date.
Bid Bond: 500000 S.P or 7500 EUR.
Adreess: Homs Refinery P.O.Box 352 Homs

Scope of Supply:
1- Supply of # 13 flowmeters: flowmeters and field equipments should be suitable for measuring and according to any international standard.
- The bidder should mention the reasons for using the principle of measuring for each item.
- Flowmeters should be equipped with smart transmitters and local indicators with accuracy/ ± 0.5 % at least.
- Flowmeters should be installed on process pipes not for custody transfer.
- IP: 67 for transmitter
- Ambient temp: -10/+50° C
- Area classification: Division 2, class 1, Group D
- Stream direct: straight

2- Supply of # 4 displaying & recording the flow system: (CR mounted)
- Input no: 4 for each system
- Displaying: the system should display flow rate & total flow for each channel, in the digital & trend form and to save the data for 6 months
- Print/record the measured quantities for each channel during 8,16 & 24 hours (selectable), on a printer and flash memory.
- Spare inputs: 2 for each system
- Power supply: 220v, 50 Hz
- Required quantity: 4 sets, 2 for items from 1-8 and the others for the items 9-13.
- Alarm: low & high alarm for each channel.

3- The bidder should offer the following:
- The technical offer should be according to the order of technical condition book.
- Technical brochures for the offered equipment include complete technical specification.
- Bidder should submit spare parts lists including classification codes unpriced within the technical offer, and another priced ones within the financial offer, H.R.C keeps the right to choose the suitable items.
- The bidder should visit the site of the work and sign a visiting memo.
- All equipment should be according to national codes.

4- The contractor is required to supply the following:
- Original and detailed catalogs for the offered equipment in the English 3 issues in addition to connecting, maintenance and operation drawings.
- (3) Copies on CD for the programs of system
- Test certification for the offered equipment.
- Testing and calibration tools (PC-based and interfaces tool, ..)

5- General requirement:
- Homs Refinery Company will determine the time of installing.
- Period of execution: 40 days during the first annual overhaul which follows the date of receiving the equipment.
- The contractor should inform HRC about checking and calibration test of offered flowmeter in manufacturing company before tow month in order to attend.
Guarantee period: one calendar year after putting the system in operation.
- Delivery period: 120 days from opening L/C.
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