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Scatecís Egypt Green Hydrogen Project Signed 20-year Offtake Agreement with Fertiglobe
Scatec ASAís Egypt Green Hydrogen project, in partnership with Fertiglobe, Orascom Construction, The Sovereign Fund of Egypt and the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company, reaches a key milestone,...

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Key Projects in Egypt

field development Oil & Gas field developments
Offshore, Onshore Oil & Gas exploration and production.
Pipelines Pipeline Projects
Oil & Gas transportation and pipeline projects.
lng Gas Projects
LNG, LPG, GTL, gas treatment, gas storage, compressor stations and more.
Refineries Petrochemical and refining
Information about refining and petrochemicals projects.
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Oil and Gas Marketplace in the middle east, arab world and Africa

Abu Gharadig (AG) Development License
Field Development Project
Abu Qir Concession Development
Field Development Project
Abu Qurqas - Assiut Onshore Gas Pipeline
Pipeline Project
Abu Sennan Concession (Block III)
Field Development Project
Acid Gas Treatment Plant
Gas Project
Al Basant Field
Field Development Project
Al Sokhna Greenfield Complex
Petrochemicals and Refining
AL-Ain Al-Sokhna Refinery
Petrochemicals and Refining
Alamein/Yidma Development Lease
Field Development Project
Alexandria Fiber Acrylic Plant
Petrochemicals and Refining
Alexandria Petrochemical Complex - Ethydco
Petrochemicals and Refining
Alexandria Petrochemicals Complex - Butadiene Plant
Petrochemicals and Refining
Alexandria Petrochemicals Complex - Polybutadiene Plant
Petrochemicals and Refining
Alexfert-Alexandria Fertilizers Complex- Ammonium Sulphate Plant
Petrochemicals and Refining
Ammonium Nitrate - Tahrir Petrochemical Complex
Petrochemicals and Refining
Damietta (Segas) LNG Train 1
Gas Project
El-Arish - Ashkelon Pipeline
Pipeline Project
MOPCO - Ammonia & Urea Fertilizer Plant
Petrochemicals and Refining
Naphtha Cracker & Olefins - Tahrir Petrochemical Complex
Petrochemicals and Refining
NorthEast Abu Gharadig Oil Field
Field Development Project
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Key Players in Egypt

Investors and Shareholders
Project owners and major shareholders holding interests in concessions and major hydrocarbon projects.
Operators and Project Developers
Upstream and downstream project developers and concession operators for the oil, gas & hydrocarbons projects.
Engineering and Consulting
Design, FEED, consulting works related to upstream and downstream projects.
Contractors and Service Providers
Contractors and service providers active in the execution of upstream and downstream projects.
Product Vendors
Product vendors with major contribution in upstream and downstream projects.
Gulf Oil and Gas
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