Tenders for Waste Water Treatment Plant

Tenders and Leads Archive
Wastewater Treatment Plant WWTP Bio Sludge Handling Haulage and Incineration Services
Installation of Decanter System
Sea Water Reverse Osmosis
Provision of Domestic Waste Disposal (Non Hazardous)
Floated Disc-Oil Unit and Portable Disc-Oil Units for Wastewater Treatment Plant
Supplying Complete Treatment Package for Wastewater Unit 32-8
Centralized Waste Water and Sewage Treatment Plant
Complete the Installation and Operation of Waste Incinerator
Supply of Complete Treatment Package
Supply of Bio Sludge Dewatering System
Provision of Sludge and Slurry Treatment and Disposal
Supply of Complete Treatment Package for Waste Water Unit
Provision of Offshore Waste Management Services
Design, Manufacture & Supply of Spent Caustic Neutralization Skid
Supply and Installation of Reverse Osmosis System
Provision of Domestic Waste Disposal
Provision of Drilling Waste Management Services
Provision of Cuttings Treatment, Disposal and Waste Management Services
Waste Water Removal for AP-TA 17
Treatment, Recycling & Disposal of Various Waste Streams
EPIC for Centralized Wastewater & Sewage Treatment Plant
Supply & Construction of Sewage Plant
Providing of Waste Management for Fields
Pilot Trial of Brine Treatment Plant
FEED of Centralized Wastewater
Waste Water Treatment Units
Water Base Waste Management Services
Provision of Utility & Equipment Operators
Poly Electrolyte Waste Water
Maintenance of Waste Water Treatment Plant
Maintenance of Sewage Facilities and Sand Removal
Feasibility Study for Improvement in MAF Refinery
Increase Treatment Capacity of Waste Water System for Lube Oil Complex
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