Tenders for Electrical Supplies

Tenders and Leads Archive
Prequalification for Earthing Materials
Purchase Electrical Spare Parts, Tools and Equipment
Purchase of Electrical Spares and Components for Power System Facilities
Purchase of Prefabricated Caravans with Equipment for Base Camp Expansion
Replacement of MM5 Protection Relays & CMAC System
Prequalification for the Supply of Neutral Earthing Resistor
Supply of Low Voltage Switchgear panel
Purchase Electrical Spare Parts, Tools and Equipment
Electrical Tool Purchase
Supply of Motion Elite Meter
Three (3) years Long Term Purchase Agreement (LTPA) for The Supply of Anodes
Provision of Logistic Lump Sum Services for 2 Sets of Solar Reduction Gearbox for Overhaul
Sale & Removal of Windows AC Units and Water Pump
Hire of Mobile AC Units and Generators
Purchase 2022Y Electrical Spare Parts and Tools
Sale & Removal of AC Units
Supply of Slickline Unit with Power Pack and Single Drum Split L/w Slickline Unit
Supply of ABB Spares for Variable Frequency Drive
Supply of Fisher Spares
Upgrade HLPH Substation & Associated Unit Equipment
Supply of Hand tools for Power System Facilities
Replacement of Obsolete Schneider Equipment
Supply of Home Appliances (Electric & Electronics Items)
Pre-Qualification of HV, MV Switch Gear and Ring Main Units
Supply of Fisher Spares
Power Feeder Circuits from KM New SS to Refinery SS
Supply of Seven Distribution Boards Utilized for Upgraded The Tank Gauging System (ENRAF)
Supply of ABB Spares
Provision of Slickline Services
Sale and Removal of Packaged AC Units
Sale & removal of Baggage X-Ray Scanner
Purchase of TETRA Handheld Radio & Accessories
Supply of World Wide Electric Spares
Sale & Disposal of Control & Communication Units, Electrical Materials
M&R Complete A/C System (Denso or Equivalent) New Installation (Single Unit)
M&R Complete A/C System (Denso or Equivalent) New Installation (Single Unit)
Purchase Electrical Spare Parts and Tools
Supply Electrical Items
Supply of 180kW Charger for Electric Vehicles and Plug-In Hybrids
Supply, Installation & Testing of 32 Nos Split AC’s, 1.5 ton
Complete Power Center for Substation
Design, Supply and Implementation of Electrical Works
Supply of Emerson Power Supply
QMT 1 Lub. Electrical Sub Station
Provision of Maintenance Materials and Consumable for CPF
Supplying of Electrical Tools for Maintenance Activity
Power Extension
Supply of Glass Fuses
Supply of Phoenix Connector
Supply of Timers
Supply of Electrical Consumables
Supply of Fuse Puller and Relays
Testing of Protective Relays, Scheme and Meters Transducer
Supply of Tool Box with Tray
Supply of Electrical Material
Operation of AC Plants and Provision of Electrical Assistants
Supply of SMPS Based Dual Float Cum Boost DC Charger System
Supply of Electrical Items
Supply of Thermocouple with Thermowells
Procurement of Electrical Measuring Instruments
AMC for Electrical System
Electrical Materials
Burner Block Assembly for 214-F-01
Supply of Desalter Electrical Support Insulator
Supply of Glass Fues
Supply of Electrical Items
Replacement of 4.16 kv Power Cables
Supply of Electrical Items
Installation of AC System
Power Supply 480vs
Supply of Battery Charger
Supply of ABB Module Parts
Supply of Electrical Items
Supply of Electrical Material
Supply of Switch Board Mat
Supply of Electrode
Replacement of Four (4) UPS Systems
Supply, Installation, Commissioning & Training of New PLC
Sale & Removal of Switch Gear 11kv, Trolley
Supplying Consumables Tools and another Materials
Miscellaneous Electrical Pcrs (2019)
Electrical Material
Replacement and Upgrading of PLC System
Supply of Central A/C Unit
Purchase of 3x9mw Medium Heaters
Purchase of Electrical Spares
Albright / Shunt Contactor
Electrical Plants / Start –Stop Push Bottom
Electrical Materials
Electrical Support Services for Electrical Maintenance and Workshop Services
Supply of Electrical Conductivity Meters
24V DC, 100A Rectifier/Charger
Electrical Projects in Amarah City
General Services Parts
Supply, Installation, and Commissioning of 110vdc Rectifier Chargers
Procurement of Electrical Spare Parts
Hiring of Services of 2.5 KL and 12 KL Capacity Bo
Hiring of Services of 12 KL & 20 KL Capacity Bowser
Electric Materials
Supply Contract for Suspension Type Anode for Two (2) Years
Services for Electrification Work
Electrical Plant
Supply of Electrical Materials
Replacement of Existing PLC
Electrical Power Supply
Supply of Voltage Stabilizers 500 VA
Installation of PLC on Labeling Machine No 1
Supply of Adapter
PLC Card and KVM Extender
Purchase of Electrical Spares
Blower & Fans Spares
Purchasing of Consumable Spares for Power Plant and Substation
Miscellneous Mechanical and Electrical Equipments
3- Phase Induction Motor
Miscellaneous Electrical Spares of Trailer Mounted
Engineering, Supply, Installation, Testing, and Commissioning of Electric Heat Tracing System
Supply of Electrical Materials
Power Supply, Quint & Magnetek
KingFisher Power Supply
Complete Power Center for Substation
Power module for Siemens Sinamics G150 Unit
Supply and Installation of Power Supply
Provisional of Industrial Electrical Services
Electrical Instrument Telecommunication Anti-Corrosion Materials
Purchase of Consumable Spares
Sale & Removal of Electronic, Electrical and Mechanical Items
Provision of Electrical Material
Belt, Power Transmission, P/N:3500-14-55M
Power Supply Unit
Supply of Electrical Tools for Maintenance Activity
Supply of Electrical Tools
Supply of Electrical Materials
Supply & Instillation A/C
Supply of PVC Fills Packets
Split ACs
Provision of Electrical and Instrumentation Services
Supply of Electrical Material
Electronic Ballast
Supply and Installation of Temperature Probes
New Signal Repeater
Supply of Voltage Stabilizers
Capacitor, Electrolytic
Electronic Modulevel, Transmitter, Card
UCP Power Supply (Magne Tek)
Acquisition Board, Daniel,
Main Distribution Power Center
Sound Source Assembly
Supply of Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation
Call Off Agreement for Supply of Telecom Spares
Appleton Plugs & Receptacles
Supply of Fuse
ESP Power Connection Phase Ii Project
Pb002 PSMV Card (Power supply Unit )
Electrical Items
KVM Extender - CE600/CE602
24v, 100a, DC Rectifier/Charger
Procurement and Supply Electronic Items
Supply of Soft Kit
Analog Input Module
Purchase of Consumable Spares for Power Plant and Substation
Earthing Wiring
Supply & Installation of Monolith Towers
Burner Soot Blower
Provision of Electrical Parts
Upgrading & Standardization of RLTO Paga System
Sale & Removal of Power Supply and FSC Control Processor Racks
Sale & Removal of Electric Test Bench, Gauges, Actuators and Various Spares
Electrical Materials
Supply of Electricals Materials
Provision of ElectricalMaintenance Spare Parts
Supply of Electrical Material
Provision of Electrical Materials & Tool for CPF Electrical Maintenance
Price Agreement for Miscellaneous Electrical Spares
Supply of Connect Coupling
Provision of Electrical Spare Parts for CPF
Providing Thermal Relay
Construction of Alternate HT Power Supply
Supply of Voltage Stabilizers
Electrical Materials
Replacement of PAGA Field Devices
Procurement of Misc. Electrical Items
Supply of Fuse of 350 Ton York Chiller
Replacement of PAGA Speakers and Junction Boxes
General Servece Electrical Plant
Electrical Plants
Purchase of Utility Equipment
Supply of Cutler-Hammer Electrical Spares
Supply of Various ABB Brand Electrical & Instrument Spares
Power Supply For 53 ESP By 33kV OHTL
Electrical Works
Supply of Crossover Subs
Spare Parts for Numcrical Grounding System D.C.M.T.3.
Electrical Materials
Replacement of Burn out Diode Assembly
Supply of Electrical Material
Blow Moulding Machine
Purchase of Spare Parts for Mechanical, Electrical, Instrument & Control System
Supply & Replacement of Electronic Card / Module
Sale & Removal of Packaged AC Units and HVAC Chillers
Electrical Materials
Repairing of 75 KW Mentor II DC Drive
Sale & Removal of Converters, Pall Rings, Demister, Exchanger
Replacement of Defective TP 1250 Amp ACB
Supply of Aviation Hoses at Karachi Aviation Station
Supply of Coupling Set
Purchase of Spare Parts For GRS2
Double Back Stuffing Boxes and S/P
DCS Process Alarm Systems
Electrical Materials
Various Electrical Systems and Materials Processing
Electricals Materials/ Weather Proof Junction Boxes
Electrical Modification Works
Electrical Devices
Electrical Materials
Electrical Materials
Repairing of PFI Plants at Machike Installation
Supply of Card Board 175 X 175 X 3mm
Installation of CCTV at 16 Company Servies Station
Electrification of 2 No’s 4 HP Pumps
Supply of Spare Parts for Electrical Heat Trace System
Provision of Two Year Spare Parts for CPF
Electrical Supplies
Electrical Supplies
Electrical Plant Spares/LV Switch Gear
Hire Of Electrical Heating Element Distribution Trolleys
Blow Moulding Machine Electrical Spare Parts
Electrical & Instrumentation Works
Automatic Stand Alone Unit with 3 Fuel Channels
Price Agreement for CEG Electronica Industriale Electrical Spares
Service Equipment for Heavy Duty Coil Winding Machine
Procurement of Pressure Gauges for Hydrant Servicers
Procurement of Hydraulic Trolley Jacks (30 Tons ) for Aviation Stations
Supply and Installation of A/C Units
Supply of License & Parts for Philips PABX-IS3000 Series
Supply of Detonators
Workshop Van for Electric Works
Hiring of Services of 45 KVA Genset
Hiring Vehicle Services (Xylo) for OFC Maintenance Jobs
Supply of Freeze Devices
Electrical Supplies
Supply of Main Feeder Pillar
Hiring Services of 30 KVA Silent Standby/Emergency DG Set
Install 10 Sets Recloser and PMS
Supply of Black Ceramic Fuse Indicator
6.6/11KV Step-Up Substation
Supply of Two Port Electrical Enclosure
Electrical/Instrument/Telecommunication/Anti-Corrosin Materials
Demulsifier for Treating The S.P.C.
Maintence Workshop Enhancement
Supply of Adapter Spool
Supply of Detonators
Supply of MCC Low Voltage Switchboard
Supplying of Power Supply
Supply of Potentiometer
Provision of Domestic Microwave Leased Circuits
Purchasing of Electrical Material & Safety Flash
Provision of A/C Power Supply
Construction of Substations and Overhead Power Lines
Installation of A military Chain Link Fence
Purchase of Electrical Submersible Pumps
Power Station
Services for Electrical Power Supply
Spares for Rectifier Charger System
Supply of Electrical services
Spares for DC Power Supply System
Spare Parts for DC UPS System
Power Supply Module for Fire Alarm System
Spare Parts for Ups & Switchgear
Supplying & Installing UPS System
Electrification of Oil Wells
Koomey Air Electric Accumulator
Parts for Koomey Air Electric Accumulator
Parts for Koomey Air Electric Accumulator
Parts for Koomey Air Electric Accumulator
Electrical Spare Parts
Silicon Control Rectifier
Supply of Electrical Insulating Oil Shell
Upgrade of UPS Systems, Battery Chargers & Banks
Construction of Two New 48MW Substations
Supply All the PA System Components
Enterprise Solution For Electrical Power System
25 MVA - 132/33 KV Mobile GIS S/S for Nahar Bin Umar
Uttarayan Housing Complex
Gulf Oil and Gas
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