Tenders for Vessels, Tanks

Tenders and Leads Archive
Provision of Acoustic Emission Testing Services for Aboveground Storage Tank
Install New CP System for Old Storage Tank and Wash Tank in BUT
Construction of RCC Tank for Tube Bundle Cleaning, at Nashpa, Karak, KPK
Supply of Various Parts for Aboveground Storage Tanks
Purchase of 60 Emergency Insulated Tank Shower
Spare Parts for Towers , Vessels and Reactors
Planning & Execution of Tank 935 T&I Work
Fabrication & Supply of 20ft ISO Tanks for the Containment and Temporary Bulk Liquid Storage
Renting Armored Vehicles
Purchase and Removal of Scrapped Vehicles and Equipment
Provision of Supply, Install and Operation of Tanks
Auto Tank Gauging System Restoration, Configuration & Commissioning
Annual Contract for Tank Wagons Decantation
Mobile Tank Prover for (THI-QAR) Location
Replacement of Tanks Roof (T-1003, T-1011, T-1021 & T-1022)
Construction Management of Storage Tanks and Allied Facilities
Providing Services for Replacement of 25KL Tank
Procurement of Skid Mounted Rectangular Chemical Suction Tank
Integrity Assessment of 2 Nos. Aboveground Storage Tanks
Skid Mounted Frac Tanks
Design, Supply, Fabrication, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of Conical Roof Vertical Tank
Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Water Jetting Services
Procurement of Chemical / Mud Suction Tank
Supply and Fixing Biochemical Evaportion Tank
Supply and Fixing Biochemical Evaporation Tank
Purchase of Gas Condensate Road Tankers
Procurement of Emergency Vents and Psvs
Procurement of Volumetric Prover
Dish End for Closed Drain Tank
Supply & Installation of Vacono or equivalent Pe Single Wiper Seal Tank
Replacement of 25KL Tank at PSO 23 Karachi Division
Supply & Installation of Vacono or Equivalent PE Single Wiper Seal Tank
Pit Gauging of Vertical Aboveground Fuel Storage Tank
Replacement of Thinned Nozzle on Tank-210
Rental of Nitrogen Tanks with Accessories and Manpower
Catalyst Replacement Works
Supply of Diesel Tank Station Extension Project
16 Kl Skid Mounted Horizontal Cylindrical LDO Tank
Supply of Flare Knock-Out Drum
Supply of Material, Construction, Fabrication and Installation of Crude Oil Storage Tanks
2018 Purchase of Cold Storage Containers
Procurement of Buffer Tank for Chilled Water System
Supply and Fitting / Fixing of Toe Bar at Product Tanks
Annual Contract for Supplying Bunkers to Ships
Old Dispensing Units and Storage Tanks
Procurement, Installation & Commissioning of 15kl Foam Tank
Shelters for Amal Warehouse
Supply of Underground Fuel Storage Tanks
Replacement of Deteriorated Tank Wagon Gantry Filling Loading Arms Piping
Sale & Removal of Water Tanker
Supply of Pressure Vessels Spares
Auto Tank Gauging System for 100 Retail Outlets
Modification for Vertical Tank No.2605 Receipt Pipeline
Disposal of Tank and Pole
Rehabilitation of Tank Pads & Dykes
Construction of 600 KL New Fire Water Tank
Repair work of Tank # 004 at Habibabad Depot
Fabrication/Installation MS Mainhole Covers
Installation & Commissioning of 2 Nos Service Tank
Supply of Chloride Guard Vessel for AROMIZER unit
Repair of over Head Water Tank
Chartering of One Utility Vessel
Construction of RCC Overground Tank
Construction of 650 Kl Capacity RCC Overground Tank
Hiring of Services for Evacuation of Tank
Supply of Dewatering Aid for Crude Oil Tank
Provision of Mechanised Desludging
Sale of Marine Vessel
Charter of Utility Maintenance Vessel
Operation & Maintenance Support Services
Supply of External Floating Roof Tank
Design, Fabrication, Installation of 10m3 Product Dump Tank
Charter of Wireline Support Vessels
Charter of Support Vessel
Charter of NDT Inspection Vessel
Charter of AHT/Supply Vessels
Provision of Safety Stand-By Vessels
Supply of Mechanical Parts
Installation of Fire Water Tanks
Design & Installation of Aluminium Dome Roof
Design & Installation of Aluminium Dome Roof
Supplying of Portable Tanks
Charter of A Wellhead Maintenance Vessel
Charter of a Wireline Support Vessel
EPC Contract for Storage Tanks Construction
Refurbishment of Oil Tanks
Provision of Fast Supply Vessel
Inspection, Repair and Repainting of Tank
Design, Supply, Fabrication & Testing of New Tank
Rehabilitation of Crude Oil and Gasoline Tanks
Tank Farm
EPIC of Water Storage Tanks
Design & Supply of New Tank 4903F
Replacement Valves
Oil & Debris Recovery Vessel
Sale of Empty Steel Cylinders
Enhancement of LPG Storage Capacity
Rehabilitation of Fire Water Tank
Supply of Underground Fuel Storage Tanks
Rehabilitation of Base Oil Tank
Supply of Vessels for Offshore Operations
Calibration of Tank by Optical Reference Method
EPC of Grassroots Oil Terminal
EPIC of Connecting Water Tanks
Tank Inspection Services
Repair Works on Roof of Crude Tank
Design and Supply of Relief Tank
Tanks maintenance works
EPIC of New LGO Tank
Tank Inspection Services
Services for Internal Inspection of Tank
EPIC of Butane Supply
Rehabilitation of Radar Gauges
Painting of Storage Tanks
Construction of Dyke Wall for Tank
Installation of Ms Splash Plates on Hsd Tank
Periodical Overhauling of Five Vessels
Repair / Rehabilitation of Tank
Construction of Water Storage Tank
Major Repair Works in Tank # 301
Supply of Fixed Tank Provers
Calibration of Vertical Storage Tank
Construction of Horizontal Tanks
Rehabilitation & Repair of Tanks
Fabrication of One Inlet Scrubber Vessel
Repair of Above Ground Storage Tank
Vacuum Truck Supply
Rehabilitation of Base Oil Tank
Smokeless Burner Forwaste Oil & Gas, Surge Tank
Supply of LPG Tank
Inspection & Integrity Checking of Fire Water Tank
Providing Services of Storage Tank
Provision of Stimulation Vessel
Barrels Testing Machine
Supply of Under Ground Fuel Storage Tanks
Provision of Four Supply Vessels
Gravel Packing, Frac & Perf Packing Services
Electrical Spare Parts for Plastic Containers
Provision of Frac Vessel Services
Tanks Desludging, Cleaning & Waste Disposal
Crane / Work Boats Design and Construction
Marine Fleet Mooring Boats
Vessel Design, Construction and Delivery
Marine Fleet Tug Boats
Supply of radar tank gauging system
Provision of Perlite Filling Services
Valuation of Fixed Assets (Tanks, Pipeline)
Supply of Accessories for L.P.G Railroad
Charter of Supply Vessel
Support Vessels for Wireline and Wellhead
Supply Control System for Tanks
Rehabilitation of Storage Tanks
Supply of Vessels
Supply of Polyethylene Water Tanks
Charter of a Supplementary Supply Vessel
Supply of Industrial Cylinder Gases
Missan Oil Field Oil Tanks Calibration
Safety Containers for Storing Barrels
Tank Cleaning and Tank Equipment Services
Supply and Fabrication of Tanks
Tanks Replacement
Self-Elevating Vessel
Rental of a Self-Elevating Vessel
Modification in Tank Wagon Filling System
EPIC of New Facilities
Construction of Storage Tank
Supply of ISO Containers
Supply Process Vessels
Safety Containers for Storing Barrels
Supply of Tanks
Underground Fuel Storage Tank
Construction of Fuel Storage Tank
Construction of Two Diesel Tanks
Fast Support Intervention Vessels
Provision of Vessel Services
Building Two Petroleum Tanker Ships
Integrated Tank farm and Jetty Fire Fighting
Feasibility for Construction of Tanks, Sludge, MOL
Full-blown Coating Maintenance Services
Construction, Rehabilitation And Modification Of Tanks
Supply of GRP Tanks and Piping & Fittings
EPIC For Potable Water Storage Tanks and Pumps
Flow Tanks for Production Station
Flow Tanks for Ratawi Station
Flow Tanks for Production Station
Flow Tanks for Degassing Station
8,750 BHP Anchor Handler Tug Supply Vessel
Rehabilitation of 6 Crude Oil Tanks within Dukhan Fields
Supply Of Bulk Cement Storage and Mixing Plant
Design and Supply of Seven Drainage Vessels
Supply of Oil Products Storage Tanks for Sulaimaniya ,Arbil and Duhook New Oil Products Depots
Design and Supply of Seven Drainage Vessels
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