Tenders for Civil Works

Tenders and Leads Archive
Provision of Drainage at PWI Stations & Miscellaneous Civil Works in Dukhan Fileds
Miscellaneous Civil and Structural Works
Civil Works Required for Under Ground Fuel Storage Tank
Construction of Approach Road
Building Approaches Approach, Plinth
Providing sheds
Call-Off Contract for Miscellaneous Civil Works
Civil Works
Misc Civil & Mechanical Work
Civil Services for Replacement of Tiles of Gate Office
Civil Works Required for Construction of Portion for Seating Arrangement of Staff at BOT
Civil Repair Works
Repair of Road Blocker at PSO Tarujabba Depot
Completion of Landscaping, Roads and Other Works at Infrastructure
Civil Works at Drill Site CHAQ in RDS Area
Building Maintenance & Civil Works
Maintenance Services for Vacant Houses Operation
Site Preparation Works for Bapco Modernizarion Program (BMP)
Modification of Newly Converted Conference Hall
Vertical Extension of Contracts Office
Construction of New Office Building with Garage
Construction of Two Toilet Blocks
EPC Contract for Construction a Blast Resistant Operation Shelter
Hiring Services for Maintenance Contract of Civil Works
Providing Misc. Civil Maintenance Services
Providing Miscellaneous Carpentry Jobs
Execution Miscellaneous Civil Engineering Works
Paving of Spirits Area
Widening of Dikom OCS Road
Restoration Works at Location MZ-3
EPIC of Miscellaneous Civil Works
Provision of Civil Guards
EPIC of Miscellaneous Civil Works
Provision of Civil Works for Vertical Exploration Wells
Civil Improvement Works
Road from Gate (G-3) to Subiyah Main Road
Construction of New Roads
Re-Bid Tenders
Design & Construction of Security Blocks
Civil Works
EPIC for Civil Works at Various Wellheads
Civil Maintenance Work
Civil Maintenance for Rest House
Civil Maintenance and Civil Service Work
Misc Civil & Mechanical Works
Supply of Dragline Excavator Machine
Construction of Misc Civil Work
Supply of Civil Works Services
Rehabilitation of Civil Structures
Painting of Civil Structures
Stocking & Supply of Maintenance Supplies
ECS for Security & HSE Buildings
Civil & Electrical Refurbishment
Storage Yards, Parking Area & Misc Works
Civil and Sand Removal Works
Roads Maintenance Works
Construction of New Building
EPIC of Dual Carriageway
EPIC for Coastal Facilities Access Road
Construction works on Oil Terminal
Development and Expansion Work
Rehabilitation of Civil Structures
Construction of New Guest House Blocks
Air Compressor Building Construction
Construction of Office Building
Construction of Samples Stores
Construction of Laboratory Building
Civil Works
Services for Civil Foundations
Gate House & Security Building Construction
Erection of Storage Sheds
Provision of The Civil Works
Civil Works/Building Contracting
Phase 1 of New NGL Support Campus
Invitation for Bid Pre-Qualification
Construction of New Facilities
Provision of Construction Work
Covered Storage Buildings & Civil Works
Maintenance of Buildings
EPIC for Dual Road Spine
Civil Works
Civil Works
Burn Pit Road with Culverts
Civil Maintenance & Construction Works
Construction and Upgrading of KOC Roads
New Telecom Building Security Building & Road
Call-off Contracts for Construction Work
EPIC of Concrete Wall, Shelters & Other Facilities
Civil Work Services
Asphalt, Concrete Maintenance & Sand Removal
Civil Work for Wafa / Mellitah Oil & Gas Pipelines
Maintenance of Offices and Industrial Facilities
Civil Works Services Tender
Pre-Qualification Invitation for Civil Works
Gazprom: Civil Works Announcement for Area 64
Civil, Electrical & Minor Air Condition Maintenance Works in Doha
Petro-Canada Tender for A Civil Works Contract
Refurbishment of Various Accomodations in Dukhan Township
Roads Maintenance Works in Ahmadi
Civil Maintenance Support Services at QP Offshore Locations
Landscaping Works within Dukhan Fields
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