Tenders for Pipe Lines Installations

Tenders and Leads Archive
Laying of 6 dia x 3.5 km Flowline for Well Chak 63#2
Supply of Corrosion Coupons
Supplying 10" & 8" Trunk Lines, and 4" Connection Pipelines
Supply of Fittings and Stud Bolts
Supply of Pipeline Pigs
Renewal of Pipeline Supporting Structures
Designing and Equipping the Feeder Fuel Oil Pipeline
EPIC for Replacement of Refinery Pipeline Culverts in MIC
Supply of Scale Inhibitor
Design and Supply of the Feeder Fuel Oil Pipeline
Installation of WHA and Laying of Pipeline
Product Pipeline Works
Laying Works for DAPL under JHBDPL PH-II
HDD& Associated Works at Brahmaputra River
Fabrication, Welding, Installation of Pipeline & Well Head Assembly
Hiring of ARC Services for GAIL Sahyogi Scheme in HVJ, DVPL and JIPPL Pipeline Networks
Construction of Two New Transfer Pipelines
Provision of Converting 17 Producers to Water Injection Wells Service
Contract for Laying of 24 inch HP Lean Gas Header
Replacement of Section of 36 Inch Crude Oil Pipeline at Km 0 to Km 23
Laying and Associated Works for KG Basin - Part A
Fabrication & Installation of Piping Work
Laying Works Dhamra Angul Pipeline
Laying of 8 Dia Pipeline
Pipeline Connectivity for Tank 422
Procurement of Flow Tees
Laying of Pipeline
Supply of Spares Required for GDN Network
Sirtica Transfer Pipeline Protection Upgrade
Excavation, Exposure and Insulation of The 18 Inch Crude Pipeline
Tie in of Drain Water Pipe Lines
Renewal of Pipeline Supporting Structures
Provision of Construction Protective Cover for Exposed Pipeline
Interconnectivity of PAPCO HSD & MOGAS Pipeline
Re-Routing of Pipeline Section
Provision of Single Well Flowline and Accessory Facility Construction
Replacement of (16) Low Pressure Gas Loop
Development of Pipeline Link
Batch Inhibition of Gas Lines on Call-Off Basis
Providing and Laying GI Pipeline
Supply of Foam Pig for Pipelines
Pipeline Modification Work
Fabrication and Erection of Pipeline Crossover
Replacement / Re-Alignement of Pipe Supports
Development of Pipeline Link
Upgradation of PMG/HSD Handling Facility
Laying of 6 Underground Piggable Pipeline
Excavation, Exposure & Insulation of 18 Inch Crude Pipeline
Fabrication & Installation of Walkways
Supply & Laying of HDPE Water Pipeline
Post Weld Heat Treatment Services
Replacement of Deteriorated Suction Side Pipelines
Integrity Assessment Service of Pipeline
16 Inch Water Pipeline Construction
Provision of Integrated Pipeline Pigging Services
Hiring Services for Drafting of as Built Piping Layouts Drawing of KTB
Replacement of Spheroid Launcher and Applied Piping of 20 Inch Dia TDL at KPT BOP-1
Hiring Services for Laying of Pipelines
Fabrication & Offshore Installation Services
Replacement of transit line
Replacement of Onsag Pipeline
Design & Engineering of Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline
Rehabilitation of Pipeline
Provision of Pipe Labeling Services
Provision of Line Pipe
Piping and Structural Works in Plant 14
Gas Pipeline & PRMS Station Project
Construction of Banias Gas Pipeline
Service Contract for MSCP
Export Transit Pipelines
Modification Works for Pipeline Network
Construction of Pipeline
Reconstruction of Water Pipeline
Submarine Pipelines
EPC of Methanol Pipeline
EPIC for 8" NGL Line
Gas Pipeline & Metering Station
Potable Water Pipeline Network
Flow lines and Associated Works
Flowlines Construction & Associated Works
EPIC of DKG 30 & DKG 31 Flow Line Connection
Pipe Laying and Associated Work
Installation of LSFO, FG and Gas Oil Pipelines
Construction of Oil Pipeline in North Kuwait
Gas Supply to Mesaieed Consumers
Jandar Gas Pipeline and Fiscal Metering Station
Laying & Construction of Steel Pipeline Terminal
New 30 Crude Transit Line (TL-4)
Pre qualification for Off-Plot Delivery Contract
Off Plot Construction of Steam Surface Facilities
Provision of a New Transit Line
EPIC for Uwainat Gas Line to PS-2 Typhoon Turbine
Pipeline Laying & Associated Facilities
EPC for New Service Water Line
EPIC for 16" Jet A1 Pipeline from BSV3 to NDIA
EPIC of Sweet Fuel Gas Supply to Dukhan Consumers
FEED of New MultiProduct Pipeline
Supply of Line Pipes , Heat Shrinkable Sleeves and Crossing Materials
Gulf Oil and Gas
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