Tenders for Engineering

Tenders and Leads Archive
Pre-Qualification for OHL System
Development of Roads and Infrastructure at Medium Industrial Area (MIZ)-MIC
Provision of Asbestos Surveyors and Asbestos Removal Analyst and Supervisors
Provision of Core Analysis and Associated Services
Engineering Services for Offshore Pipe Support Remedial Works
Engineering Works for Workover Job at well qp-03, Ghotki
Data Profiling, Analysis Cleansing for Procurement Inventory
General Engineering Services for FCD Projects
Engineering Study for E.S.P Monitoring and Control System for Sarir, Messla and Majid Oil Fields
Engineering Works for Work over Joab for wdw qp # 31, ghotki, sindh
Specialist Engineering Services Contracts
Hiring of Engineering Services for Detailed Review of Electrical Power System
Construction of Pre-Drilling Engineering Works at Well Kharo#01 (ex khewari x-1)
Construction of Pre-Drilling Engineering Works at Well Soghri North#01
Hiring of Earth Moving Machinery for Pre Drilling Engineering Works at Gurgalot x-01
Construction of Pre-Drilling Engineering Works
Construction of Pre-Drilling Engineering Works at Well Dars west#02
Update of Master Drawings and Creation of Fire & Gas Layout Drawing in Dukhan Fields
General Engineering Services for FCD Projects
Implementation of PCR, MOC, SOR Jobs in Mesaieed
Provision of General Engineering Service
Overall Asset Integrity Assessment (AIA) Study for Gas Distribution Stations
Exploration Engineering Offices Brega Area 1
Subscription for Advanced eLibrary
Provision of Engineering Services
Overall Quantitive Risk Assessment for Mesaieed Industrial City
Study for Feasibility, Marine Transportation, Deployment & Recovery of EPRS Equipment
Implementation of SIL Study Recommendations
Provision of General Engineering Service (GES)
Retrofitting of Existing Single Bay Oil Change Canopies
Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Engineering Support
Integrity Assessment of 24" PS103 Pipeline
Engineering Constructions of the Tanks and Pipelines
Provision of General Engineering Service
Three years Contract for Voice, Data and Tracking Services
Engineering Study for Rehabilitation of Field Instrumentation & Control System
Engineering Study for the Development of Solar Power System
Provision of Help Desk and Technical Support Services
Provision of Routine and Special Core Analysis for Onshore and Offshore Operations
Signage & Graphics Works
NC118 Development Project Feasibility Techno-Economic Study
HAZOP Study of T-422 at Keamari Terminal A
Design, Engineering, Supply, Installation, Commissioning of Elevated Flare Stack Systems
Supply of Link Load Balancer Solution
Supply and Installation of Automatic Distillation Units and Flash Point Testers
Preparation of As-Built Drawings for Pipeline Installations
Hazop Study & Qra for NCR Region
Provision of Detailed Engineering Services (Y2021-Y2023)
Provision of GES service
ODC Route Survey for PP Unit Project
Design & Engineering Services for Jurassic Projects
Spares for Draw Works for Rig N-5 & N-6
Procurement of OSDCP
Hiring of Services for MISC Petty Jobs in Engeering Services
Feasibility Study for KLLs Independent Heating System
Operation Assistance at Utility Boiler, HRSG, STG
Provision of FireEye Incident Response Hourly Rate Services
Designed, Supplied and Erected Pressure Reduction Station
Provision of Engineering Design & Project Support Services
Design & Supply of Cooling Towers (Complete Package)
Provision of Specialist Engineering Services
Provision of IT First Support Managed Service
Supply of Flare Knock-Out Drum
Design & Supply of Cooling Towers (Complete Package)
Engineering Study for Rehabilitation of Field Instrumentation and Control System
Projects and Engineering Support Services
Engineering Services for Civil/Infra/Building Projects
Ecs for New Laboratory Building
Supply, Installation, Implementation, Training, Maintenance and Support Services for BCMS
Supply of Multi-Purpose Mobile Separator Skid
Amal FDP Power Distribution Upgrade
Supply and Installation of Radiator Core Assembly
Chilled Water Piping Extension and Connection
Provision of Technical Assistance Services
Dismantling, Supply, Installation & Commissioning of New Solar Module
Hiring Services for Drafting Electrical Layout Drawings
Engineering Programs
Engineering Study for the Upgrading of Existing Flare/Relief Systems
Annual Contract for Pig Launching
Engineering Designs
Engineering Designs
Dismantling of Asbestos and Installation
Construction of the Engineering & Operation Building
Engineering Services
Development and Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution
Engineering Site Verification and Extraction
Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Modular Data centre Infrastructure
Implementing an EDMS System
Laying of Control Cable for Centrifugal Pump
Performing Dynamic Stress Analysis
Engineering, Fabrication and Supply of Modular Packages Contract
Site Restoration and Decommissioning Study
Amal To Ras lanuf 30 & 36 Transfer Pipe Lines
Mud Chemicals, Mud Engineering Services
Provision of Indirect Backup Links
General Engineering Services
Procurement of Data center and access layer switches
Provision of General Engineering Service
Annual Rate Contract for Signage and Graphics Work
Providing Services for Hydraulic study/Analysis
Replacement / Upgrading of Liquid Metering & Solid Sulfur Weighing Scale
Provision of Information Management Services
Converting Existing Ammonia Printed Drawing into CAD
Upgrading /Revamping HVAC Systems at DP3 & DP4 Platforms
Website Re-Designing & Hosting
Colour Code Identification System for Misc Equipment
Brownfield Modification & Integration Works
Providing & Fixing of Water Meter
Converting Existing Ammonia Printed Drawing into CAD
Preparation of Single Line Diagram for Electrical System
General Engineering Services
Provision of Pressure Volume and Temperature Analysis Services
Subsea Engineering Service
Provision of SAP Hana Database Migration
Provision of Engineering Services
Supply, Transportation, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Sets
Perform Technological Risk Assessment (TRA) Study
Core Analysis and Related Services
Provision of Email Migration Service
Hydro Jetting Machine & Bundle Puller on Rental Basis
Provision of Engineering & Equipment Procurement
Implementation of Service Oriented Architecture / Enterprise Application Integration (SOA/EAI)
Integrity Assessment of Above Ground Vertical Steel Storage Tank
Complete Design & MOI Approvals
Price Agreement for Ametek Analyzer & Spares
Engineering Measurement Services
Design ,Supply ,Installation ,Testing ,Commissioning & Startup of Telecommunication
Provision of Supervisors and Technical Service Engineers Project
Provision of Facilities & Maintenance Service Project
Drafting as built Piping Layouts Drawing of Sanghi Depot
Provision of Production Facilities Maintenance, Repair
Preliminary Design Detailed Engineering
Design, Engineering, Testing, Supply & Commissioning of Surge Relief Skid
Hiring Services for Drafting as Built Piping Layouts Drawing
New Reverse Osmosis Plant
Engineering Study for the Development of Control Systems & Surveillanc
Design, Detailed Engineering, Supply of Materials of Telecommunication System
Preliminary Design Detailed Engineering
Provision of General Engineering Service
Re-Designing, Hosting, Maintenance & Technical Support
Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Gas Chromatograph Dha Analyzer
Misc Road Services & Other Services
Engineering and Supply of Errection for Desalter Package
Update of Dukhan Master Drawings
Operation and Maintenance of NSS-FMB
Provision of Technical Manpower Services
Engineering Consultancy Services
Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment
Provision of Integrated Offshore Construction Works
Feasibility Study for Pipeline Network
EPCC for Reduction Effluent Gases Chloride Absorber
EPIC for Electrical PCRs
FEED for Waste Heat Recovery Project
EPIC for Electrical PCRs
FEED for Mitigation of Piping Vibrationat RG Plant
FEED for Replacement of Crude Oil Tank
Performing Basic Engineering for WD Project
FEED for Debottlenecking of NGL-3 Extraction Unit
FEED for Installation of Facilities
Procurement of Engineering Construction
Engineering, Installation and Construction Services
Pre-Feasibility Studies
FEED Services Relevant To Structure A Development
New Master Drawings for UG Services
Replacement of NFIS I/A Package
Supply of Technical Engineer Services
Electronic System for Offshore Operations
Supply of Technical (FEED) Design
Engineering Support & Design Services
PMC Services for Environmental Remediation Projects
General Engineering Services (GES)
Engineering works
Specialized Technical Services
Supply of Draftsman
Caustic Sump Pit
Feasibility Study of Halon System Replacement
Steam Injection Geomechanical Study
Contract Management Study
Basic Design Engineering & License
Crude Sampling Points Improvement
Cooler & Heavy End Recovery Flare Gas
General Engineering Services
Analysis of Platforms and Geotechnic Survey
PSA Hydrogen Package
General Engineering Services
Feed for Gas Pipeline
FEED for Naphtha Stabilization Project
Stimulation Study for Acid Gas Injection
Engineering Services for QAFCO 5 Construction
FEED for Injection of Khuff Gas to Arab D Gas Cap
Al Noor MGI Phase 3A & Sakhiya A2C Manifold
Social Baseline Study (SBS)
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