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Tenders for Construction Contractors

Constructing 4 Residential Houses
Dead Line: 7/15/2019 >>  Iraq
Ref: 2195/2019, Announcement Date: 5/29/2019
Construction of Approach Road, Plinth, Road Over Plinth, Effluent Pit
Dead Line: 7/11/2019 >>  India
Ref: CDC1632P20, Announcement Date: 6/10/2019
Construction of Bituminous Approach Road
Dead Line: 7/11/2019 >>  India
Ref: CDC1631P20, Announcement Date: 6/10/2019
Construction a School
Dead Line: 6/25/2019 >>  Iraq
Ref: 2177/2019, Announcement Date: 5/20/2019
Construction of Residential Complex
Dead Line: 6/24/2019 >>  Iraq
Ref: 6001/2019, Announcement Date: 5/23/2019
Construction of 20 Residential Houses
Dead Line: 6/24/2019 >>  Iraq
Ref: 2097/2019, Announcement Date: 5/12/2019
Construction of Dust Free Road
Dead Line: 6/20/2019 >>  India
Ref: CDC1378P20, Announcement Date: 5/17/2019

Tenders and Leads Archive
Construction of Peripheral Storm Water Drain
Construction of Gasoline 2 Control Building
Upgrade of Halul Landing Area
Raising The Floor Level of Surface Covering Underground Tank
Applying Water Proofing Surface on Terrace Slab
Construction of Dyke Wall
Empanelment of Civil Engineering Contractors Service
Construction of Record Room at Machike Installation
Construction of Record Room at Faqirabad Depot
Supply of 1st Class Timber, Bricks, Sand and Broken Stone
Construction of Plinth for VFD-2 New
Construction of Approach Road, Effluent Pit, Drainage, Plinth & Foundation
Frame Contract for Construction Services
Construction of Boundary Wall
Construction of Additional Warehouse and Shed
Construction of Field Accommodation Blocks
Construction of CF Site M/S Green Filling Station
In /Out Driveway Asphalt Carpeting
Alwaha Club Gym Expansion
Construction of Civil Supports
Construction 01 No. 2000 MT and 01 No. 800 MT Tanks
Supply and Installation of Pavers
The 3rd Floor of FOD Administration Building Renovation
Construction of Spiral Staircase
Construction of Ramp for Shunting of Tank Lorries
Construction of Field Accommodation Blocks
Construction of Ramp
Construction of Roads to Airport and Inside Field
Paving of the Courtyard and the External Roads
Caustic/Chlorine Plant in khur Al-zubar
Partenership Contract Custic / Chlorine Plant
Construction of the Department of Geology
Construction of CF Site M/S DHA Filling Station Islamabad Division
Provision of Scaffolding Services
Construction of Water Pipeline Replacing Old Network
Construction of 06 Nos. Watch Tower and Toe Wall
Construction of Dyke Wall with Safety Railing, Access Road and Cross Over Platforms
Canteen Building Construction
Construction of Gas Station of Al Azza
Construction of 01 no. Jet A-1 Storage Tank
The 3rd Floor of FOD Administration Building Renovation
Constructing Buildings
Construction of the Communications Building
Construction of Laboratory Building
Construction of 01 no. Jet A-1 Storage Tank
Construction of Control Room Building
Shifting, Installation and Commissioning of RTG System
Al-Musharrah Bridge Rebuild
Construction of 600 KL New Fire Water Tank
Compound Wall Construction
Construction of Control Room Building
Construction of Asphalt Road Patch Work
Construction 01 No. 2000 MT and 01 No. 800 MT Tanks
Construction of Laboratory Building
Installation of Underground Fuel Storage Tank
Construction of Security Watch Tower
Construction of 02 Nos Security Watch Towers
Fabrication and Erection of Walk Way at KTA
Construction of Pavement for Driveway
Construction of Oil Water Separator, Boundary Wall and Security Watch Towers
Construction Works
Construction of Boundary Wall & 02 Nos Watch Towers
Construction of Boundary Wall
Construction of Additional Bouzer Decantation Facility & Miscellaneous Works
Providing and Fixing of Fencing
Raising Height of Boundary Wall & Construction of Drain Collection Pit
Construction of Three Duct Banks
Construction Works
Project and Construction of Residential Block
Provision of Construction Support Services
Employees Dormitory Building Construction
Demolition of Old Buildings
Construction of Expansion of Mesaieed Record Centre
Construction of 08 New Earth Pits and Repairing of 28 Pits
Security Facilities Construction and Maintenance
Purchase of Hazardous Material Storage Buildings
Provision of Access Road and Well Pad Construction Services
Annual Rate Contract for Construction/ Re-modelling
Construction Corporate Information Rooms
Additional Construction Works
Construction of Building for Pipes & Welding Department
Additional Construction Works at M/S CANTT F/S, Multan
Additional Construction Works
Well Pads construction (The Fifth Batch)
Constructing of (2) Open Shelters
Various Road Build and Maintenance
Construction of Storm Water Drain
Additional Construction Works
Provision of Construction of Flow Lines and Trunk Lines (2018-2021)
Construction of Control Room
Stocking & Supply of Wooden Pallets
Construction of Well-Pad P25 and Access Road
Misc Works for Fabrication of Foundation
Additional Construction Works
Construction of Permanent Access Control
Purchase Structure Material & Consumalbe Material
Additional Construction Works
Relaying of Pavers at Diffrent Area
Additional Construction Works at M/s CANTT F/S, Multan
Construction of Boundary Wall & Walkway
Construction of Boundary Wall at BOT
Construction of Boundary Wall at ZOT
Establishment of an Extension Building to Improve Control of Petrol / 2
Construction of Boundary Wall at Shershah Depot
Construction of Boundary Wall at Shikarpur
Re-Installation / Relaying of Pavers at Shikarpur Terminal
Provision of GES Service
Set up Stores of Radioactive Materials
Construction work at M/S PSO 9 F/s
Call-Off Contract for Scaffolding Services
Provision of Construction Services
Construction of Roads and Well Pads
Construction of Parking Sheds
EPIC of Walkover Bridges & Walkways
Provision of Maintenance and Construction Support Services
EPIC of Various Road Upgrading Works
Constrution of Flowlines and Associated Works
Civil Works and Maintenance
EPIC of Precast Dust Barriers
Construction of New Permanent Accommodation

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