Tenders for Filters & Filtration Equipment

Tenders and Leads Archive
Supply of Whittier Filtration Items
Relocation of the Condensate Filters 325 A&B from PECO Filters area to Slug Catcher area
Procurement of Condensate & Coalescer Filter Elements for Sinjhoro Plant
Procurement of Membrane Elements
Procurement of Filter Elements Coalscer for Sinjhoro Plant
Supply of Dicalite Bags for Dieso Filtration Unit
Supply of Filter Element
Procurement of Filters & Radiator Coolant
Procurement of Air Intake Filters for Gas Turbines
Procurement of Filter Elements
Procurement of Filter Elements for HSD Filtration Plant
Heavy Equipment Spare
Supply of Duplex Strainer
Particle & Charcoal Filters Assembly along with Spares
Procurement of Filter Element
Procurement of Basket Filter
Filter Ventilator
Repair of Existing I R (Iron Removal) Water Filter
Hiring of Services for Transformer Oil Filtration & Maintenance
Supply and Installation of Water Filter Plant
Installation of Additional Basket Filters
Repair/ Replacement Works Required for Water Filtration Plant
Particle & Charcoal Filters Assembly
Procurement of Air Filter Regulators
Procurement of Metering Skids (USM Based)
Supply of Miscellaneous Filters
Procurement of Filters for Caterpillar Engines
Supply of Cartridge Filter Element
Supply of Air Filter Regulator
Procurement of Process Filter
Supply and installation of York Chiller Harmonic Filter Logic Board
Supply of WTP Filtration Material Purchase and Equipment Maintenance Service
Purchase of Filter Elements for Low Sulphur Diesel Plant
Supply of Kaeser Oil Fliter
Supply of Filter Gas
Supply of Sun Control Membrane Filter
Filter, Vent, Texas, Pn:336496
Filter Elements
Feed Gas Coalescer & Condensate Filters
Midland Filter Element
Filter, Cartridge, Kaeser
WtTP Consumable Filter Materials Purchase and Replacement Service
Filter, Cooling Air, Kaser
Element, Filter, Peerless
Sale & Removal of Cart. Filters
Supply of Filter Elements
Procurement of Filters and Coolant
Procurement of Filter Elements
Supply of Additional UV System
Supply of Jet A-1 Filter Elements
Provision of Filter Materials of Water Treatment for PP
Supply of Dicalite Bags For Dieso Filtration Unit
Price Agreement for AMF Cuno Filters
Sale & Removal of New Element, Filters (10,000 Pcs)
Element Filters, Laboratory Equipment and Redundant Spare Parts
Supply of Bag Filters
Spare Parts for Propane and Butane Sand Filters
Filters for Engines Equipped
Procurement od Miscellaneous Filters for Aviation Refueling Equip
Supply & Installation, Commissioning of Gas Chromatograph
Provision of Brine Filtration Equipment & Services
EPIC for Ethane Gas Chromatograph Replacement
Supply of Spare Parts
Supplying of Element Filter
Providing of Conveyer scroll
Elements of Micron Filter Polypropylene
Supply of Charcoal Filters
Supply Contract of Filter Cartridge
Supply of Automatic Back Wash & Multimedia Filters
Supply of P/F Gea Filters
Supply of "Kurahashi" Dilute Acid Strainer
Supply of Cartridge Filters
Spares for Fuel Filtration System
Supply of Filter Elements
Filter Elements for Filter Water Separators
Spare Parts for Equipment
Supply of Donaldson Filters
EPIC of Duplex Strainers
Replacement of Filter Housing & Spool
EPIC for Installation of Sand Filter & SBR
Cubic Filter and Pre Filter for Hitachi Turbine
Design of Online Filter in the 40 GRP Line
Filter and Element Filter for Gas Compressors
Canister Filters for Atmospheric Contaminants
Supply of Air Filters, Fuel Filter, Bearing, Sleeve & Lamp
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