Tenders for Chemicals

Tenders and Leads Archive
Refractory Materials for FCCU Shutdown
Supply of Methyldiethanolamine (MDEA), Diethanolamine (DEA) and Monoethanolamine (MEA)
Provision of Supplying Na3PO4 and Acid Cleaning Agent
Advanced Fluid Geochemical Fingerprinting Services for Onshore and Offshore Fields
Foam Injection Services
Supply of Silicon Base Antifoam (SAG-7133) on Call off Basis
Long Term Purchase Agreement for the supply of Downhole Demulsifier
LTPA For The Supply of Surface Demulsifier
Chemicals for WTP
20,000 Cubic Meter Demulsifier
Downhole Chemical Treatment Services
Provision of Supplying LAB Chemicals for (3 years)
Provision of Water Shut off and Associated Services (PILOT)
Provision of Rental Chemical Injection Skids for FSF OGMS
Prequalification for Chemical Injection Package
Supply of Various Generic Chemicals on Call of Agreement Basis
Provision of Liquid NaOH for 2 Years
Provision of Supplying 200t NaCI and 200t CaCl2 for two years
Provision of Mud Chemicals, Equipment & Engineering Services for Onshore Operations
Provision of Oxygen Scavenger for CPF
Supply of Demulsifier -6300000165
Provision of Supplying Degreaser for CPF of AHDEB Oilfield
Supply of Various Process Chemicals on Call off Basis
Procurement of Chemical Injection Package (A-4158)
Provision of 2300 m3 Demulsifier Project
Provision of Supplying Liquid Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) for CPF of AHDEB Oilfield
Provision of Supplying MEG and MDEA for CPF of AHDEB Oilfield
N-Methyldiethanolamine (MDEA) Reclamation at NGL Facilities
Stocking and Supply of Various Chemicals on Call-Off Basis
Stocking & Supply of Ethyl Mercaptan
Modification of Existing Chemical Store
Supply of Chemical Injection Quills
4 Years LTPA for Supply of Chemical Antiscalaent
Supply of Process Chemicals - ISO Octane and N-Pentane
Procurement of Demulsifier for Rajian Oil Field
Procurement of Demulsifies for Nashpa Oil Field
Procurement of Demulsifier for Chanda Oil Field
Supply of Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG)
Procurement of Methly Di Ethanol (MDEA)
Tri Ethylene Glycol
Provision of Biocide Injection Package for CPF
Providing and Apply of Floor Chemical Polish
Preparation of Chemical Materials for Steam Boilers
Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid, Tetrasudiom Salt
Up to date Apparatuses for Determining Aromatics in Hydrocarbons
Stocking & Supply of Triethylen Glycol (TEG)
Mud Chemicals (Zinc Bromide & Calcium Bromide)
Five (05) Years LTPA for the Supply of Triethylene Glycol (TEG)
Chemical Materials for Water Treatment Plant
Cast Resin with Adhesive and Hardner
Supply of LAB Chemicals
Supply of Ferric Chloride Solution in Tankers
Procurement of Tri Ethylene Glycol (TEG) for UCH Gas Field
Supply of Demulsifier
Supplying of Triethylene Glycol (TEG)
Supply of Polyamine
Supply 300t NaCl and 300t CaCl2
Supply of Dimethyl Disulphide (DMDS)
Supply of LAB Chemicals
Spotting Chemical
Procurement of Acetyl Acetone
Procurement of Polyamine
Procurement of 2.4 Pentanedione (Acetyle Acetone)
Supply of Dimethyl Disuphide DMDS
Supply of Mud Chemical
Neutralizer for Topping Overheads
Di Methyl Di Sulfide (DMDS)
Detergent Dispersant Additive Packaged for Diesel Engine Oil (S-3)
Supply of Rock Salt
Supply of Xylene 4000 USG
Dimethyl Disulphide DMDS
Procurement of 30 MT Triethilene Glycol
Procurement of 250 MT Pentane
Procurement of 1600 Kg Calcium Sterate F&T
Granular Activated Carbon
Procurement of 800 Kg Hydrazine
Supply of Ethyl Mercaptan
Procurement of 31680 Kg Additive Silicas (CAS No. 7631-86-9)
Procurement of 4367030 Kg Additional Slip Agent (CAS No. 12-84-5)
Procurement of 704550 Kg Additive Antiblock Agent
Supply of TnHAL
Supply of Surfa Additive
Mud Chemicals
Procurement of 320 Kg Isopropanol
Procurement of Mud Chemical (pac-lv)
Provision of Production Chemicals and Services for 2020-2024
Procurement of DMDS
Anti Scalant for R.O Desalination Unit
Procurement of Hydrazine Hydrate on ARC Basis for Two Years
Provision of Chemical Cleaning
Supply of Hydrochloric Acid
Supply of Activated Carbon
Surface Geo Chemical Prospecting
Supplying Degreaser for CPF
56 Ton MDEA for NGP
Supply of Chemical Water Detectors
Supply of Potassium Chloride (KCL)
Scale Inhibitor
Sale and Removal of Rhenium Metal
Supply of Triethylene Glycol
Chemical & Biological Cleaning
135-a Sale of Sulphur in 05 (five) Lots
Claus Catalyst
Supplying 90 Ton of Ethylene Glycol and 100 Ton of MDEA (Methyldiethanolamine)
Downhole Chemical Treatment Services
Supply of Lab Chemical, Chloroform
Provision of Mud Chemicals, Equipment and Engineering Services
Provision of Demulsifier Project
Activated Alumina
Kostrolith 4 Ak Molecular Sieves of Type 4a for Drying Air
Supply of Various Chemicals for WRR
Supply of Chemicals and Spares
Agueous Film Forming Foam Compound 3%
Supply of Bulk Methanol
Supply Silica Flour
Oil Snare Absorbant
Depressant for Transformer Oil Alkyl Naphthalene or Equivalent
Di Methyl Di Sulfide (DMDS)
Procurement of Polyol (Qty: 500,000 Kg)
Procurement of Micronized Calcium Carbonate
Procurement of Spotting Fluid
Procurement of Ferric Alum
Chemical Decontamination of Laffan Refinery-1 Process Units
PMA Viscosity Index Improver
Procurement of Catfloc
Supply of Formaldehde Solution
Strongly Acidic Resin
Supply of 200,000 Kg of Potasium Chloride
Agreement for the Supply and Stocking of General Chemicals
Supply of Adhesive Guar Gum
Procurement of Bentonite Powder
Procurement of Sodium Aluminate
Price Agreement for Supply of Monoethylene Glycol (MEG)
Stocking & Supply of Monoethanolamine (MEA)
Supply Contract of Various Chemicals
Provision of Chemical Supply and Technical Support Services
Supply of Fuel System Icing Inhibitor (FSII)
Supply of Foam Pig for Pipeline
Price Agreement for Supply of "Water Desalination" Chemicals
Depressant for Transformer Oil Type Alkyl Naphthalene
Provision of Facilities for Storage of Surplus
Stocking & Supply of Triethylene Glycol (TEG) & Monoethylene Glycol (MEG)
Activated Alumina
Oil Based Mud Chemical
UOP HPG 429 (10X20 BEADS) Adsorbent
Supply of Nickel Molybedenum Catalyst
Supply of Anti Oxidant Additive and Anti Static Additive
Procurement of Chemical Injection Packages
Supply of Chemical Water Detectors for Jet Fuel Testing
Supply of Polyurethane Spheroids 20 dia
Processing of Special Chemicals for Cooling Towers
Processing of Chemical Materials for Steam Boilers
Chemical, Shellsol
Supply of Silicon Antifoam (Sag-7133)
DI Ethanol Amime (D.E.A)
Service Contract for Process Chemical Treatment
Stocking & Supply of Methyldiethanolamine
Procurement of 25200 kg Additive Silica
Procurement of 8400 kg Oleamide F&T
Chemical for Conditioning Crude Oil
Supply of Comox 471 Catalyst
Hydrated Lime (Calcium Hydroxide)
Provision of Production Chemicals and Associated Services (2018-2020)
Provision of Production Chemicals and Associated Services (2018-2020)
Sale of 700 thousand tons of Sulfur
Supply of Perchloroethylene
Cement Additives (Friction Reducer)
Rochem Fyrewash F1,(25 Ltr Can)
Supply of De-scaling & Running Chemical
Stocking & Supply of Monosodium Phosphate (Msp) Solution
Carboxy Methyl Cellulose- Low Viscosity Grade (CMC-LVG)
Procurement of DIPA : Di Isopropanolamine
Procurement of HDPE Blow Grade
Chemical Dosing of Fire Water Systems
Supply of Polyurethane Spheroids 20
Provision of Corrosion Inhibitor for Oil Well
Commercial Sulphate of Alum
Supply of Additive- Pour Point Depressant
2000 Cubic Meters of Demulsifier for Crude Oil Treatment
Supplying Corrosion Inhibitor SE-CI333A
Stocking and Supply of Fire Fighting Foam Concentrate
Price Agreement for Various Types of Laboratory Chemicals
Supplying Demulsifer
Processing of Emulsifying Material
Supply of Triethylene Glycol (TEG)
Supply & Install, Commissioning of Trace Sulphur Analyzer for Liquid Hydrocarbons
Chemical Materials for Water Treatment Plant
Anti Scalant for RO Desalination Unit
Transportation, Storage and Handling of Sohar Sulphur
Supply of Reagent & Chemicals to Laboratories
Provision of Inerting Services at Offshore Locations
Commercial Sulphate of Alumina
Supply of Activated Carbon
Supply of Dimethyle- Disulphide Formula
Stocking & Supply of TEG & MEG
Stocking & Supply of Various Chemicals
Sodium Hydroxide Caustic Soda
Phosphoric Acid
Supply of CCR / Plat Former Catalyst
Supplying Alumina Solution Plant
Supply of Amberlyst 15 Wet Catalyst
Concentrated Sulfuric Acid Plant
Gulf Oil and Gas
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