Tenders for Water Treating

Tenders and Leads Archive
Provision of Agriculture and Landscaping Maintenance Service for Hunainiyah
Expanding the Water Complex of the Al-Jolan Village From 50 to 100 m3 / h
Procurement of Water Treatment Chemical
Design Concept for the Improvement of the Refinery Seawater Intake
Prequalification of Water Clarifiers. Oil Soluble and Water Soluble
Demineralized Water
Supplying Brackish Water Membrane For R.O Unite
Water Treatment Chemical
Retarder, Low to Moderate Temperature Range
Monitoring of Cooling Water Treatment
Providing Water Seepage Treatment
Supply of Water Treatment Chemicals
Supply of Water Treatment & Process Chemicals & Associated Technical Services
Cooling Water & Boiler Feed Water Treatment Chemicals
Supply of Electrolyzer Units
Miscellanious Works at Chilled water Plant
Supply & Installation Commissioning of Refroge
Annual Contract for Maintenance of Water Purification System
Water Injection system at (Kotla) Beda field Project No. O-77
Supply of Clean Drinking Water for Bobi Plant
Purchase of Chemical Dosing System
Water Treatment Chemicals
Auxiliaiy Plants Water TreaTment
Installation of Produced Water Treatment and Horizontal Combustion Unit
Groundwater Rise Assessment
Supply and Install Raw and Potable Water Package
Supply of Poly Aluminium Chloride
Provision of Package Service of Water Treatment Chemicals
Anti Scalant
Water Boring Work
Supply of Water Treatment Chemicals
Annual Contract for Supply of Sweet Water Tankers
Water Treatment Chemicals
Capillary Coil Continuous Chemical Treatment Services
Supply of Water Treatment Chemical
Supply of Water Treatment Chemical
Supply of Materials: Dewatering Aid for Crude Oil Tank
Provision of Water Treatment Agents for WPS
EPIC for Produced Water Utilization
Supply of Granular Anthracite Coal
Water Treatment
Gulf Oil and Gas
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