Tenders for Chemicals

Long Term Purchase Agreement for the Supply Furniture for Awali Houses
Dead Line: 4/18/2024 >>  Bahrain
Ref: Q70208 (32), Announcement Date: 3/14/2024
Tenders and Leads Archive
Calibration Gas Cylinder/ Standard Blend
Procurement of 03 Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus-scba
Provision of Structured Cabling Services on Call off Basis
Core Study
Sulphur Product Export Based on (EX-Works)
Drilling Wire Line
Hiring of Transport Firm for Shifting of Rig SK-750 Shifting from Pasakhi-2 to Sono-4
Supply Chain Management System
Tertiary Well Control Service
Phase 2 Upgrade of Fire Fighting Facilities
Procurement of Pipe and Fitting Material
Provision of Instrument for FSF Major Maintenance
Electrical Materials
Drilling Rig and Associated Services for 10 Mishrif Injection & Water Source Wells
Supply of POL Products
Stocking & Supply of Downhole Completion Equipment, Accessories & Services
Provision of Server, San and Storage Renovation
Provision of Coring Equipment and Services
Provision of Pest Control Services
Stocking & Supply of High End, Mid End & Low End Workstation Computers
Supply, Installation and Commissioning of SRP Unit
Dry Chmeical Powder (MONNEX)
Supply & Installation of New Time Attendance Management System
Oxygen Scavenger -7780 or Equivalent
Mg (AZ 63) Protecting Anode
Neutralizer for Topping Unit Overheads
Sodium Bentonite qty (1000) Ton
Procurement of Micronic Filter Elements
Provision of MWD/LWD Services
Caustic Soda
Preparation of Concentrated Hydrochloric Acid
Chemical Additives for Oil Well Cement
Low Viscosity C.M.C. Qty (250) Ton
Stocking & Supply of Various Generic Chemicals
Strong Acidic Resin
High Viscosity C.M.C. QTY (100) Tons
Provision of Field Chemical Treatment & Laboratory Services
Supply of Calcium Hydroxide (Hydrated Lime)
Supply of Toluene
Supply/Installation & Commissioning of Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen Apparatus
Custic / Chlorine Plant in Khur Al-Zubar
Chemical Additives for Oil Well Cement
Stocking and Supply of Liquid Nitrogen
Chrome Lignosolphonite Qty (50) Ton
Stocking & Supply of Bulk Sulphuric Acid
Supply of Chemicals
Concentrated HCl
Barite/1000 Tons
Stocking, Supply & Application of Biocide
Chemical Material
Supply of Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate
Nalco 354 or equivalent/Neutralizer for Boiler Feed Water
High Viscosity C.M.C Qty (40)
Custic / Chlorine Plant in Khur Al-Zubar
Supply of Ethyl Mercaptan
Stocking and Supply of Various Chemicals
Supply of Miscellaneous Consumables Materials
Oxygen Scavenger
Up to Date Apparatus for Determination of Alkalinity
Determine Trace CO & CO2 in Hydrogen and Light Gaseous
Sale of Sulfur Product
Supply of Services for Chemical Handling
Neutralizer for Topping Unit Overheads
Selling Naphtha Product
Insurance Broker and Operation Package Insurance Policy
Supply of Carbides
Provision of Mud Chemicals, Equipment & Engineering Services
Sale of Sulfur
Provision of Production Chemicals Technical Services
5 Years Call Off Price Agreement for Bulk Process Chemicals
108 MT of Carboxyl Methyl Cellulose
4 MT of XC Polymer Premium
500 MT of Potassium Chloride
Supply of Barite
Supply of Materials: SRIP Chemical Packages
Plant Inspector Services during APTA 2017
Provision of Drilling Fluids, Chemicals & Services
Supply of Carboxyl Methyl Cellulose
Supply of Tri-Ethylene Glycol
Supply of Sodium Format
Supply of Oxygen Scavenger
Procurement of Barytes Powder
Bids for Bitumen Felt and Bitumen, Hard Grade
Sodium Bentonite (500 Ton)
Supply of Calcium Carbonate CA Co3
Provision of SMP-1 for 25 Wells
Provision of SPNH for 25 Wells
Sale 25 tons of Sulphur
Procurement of Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer
Soil Remediation Services
Provision of Tracer Chemicals and Services
Bids for Ferric Alum
Bids for Caustic soda/Sodium Hydroxide
Supply Of Chemicals
Conradson Carbon Residue (Micro) Apparatus / Equivalent
Stocking & Supply of Sodium Hypochlorite
Chemical Materials for Oily Water Treatment Plant
Supply of INALK Poly Catalyst for Reactors Replacement
Provision of Production Chemicals and Associated Services
Purchasing Lithium Hydroxide Mono Hydrate
Supply of Packers and Landing Nipple
Stocking & Supply of Liquid Chlorine Gas
Blower Assembly
Purchase of HVAC Equipment
Testing & Calibration of Electrical Protection Relays
Supply of Polyanionic Cellulose
Supply of Hydrochloric Acid (HCL)
Abrasive Blasting Media
Supply of Dissopropanolamine
Maintenance Services for Fire Hydrant System
Supply of Different Chemicals
Stocking & Supply of Perochloroethylene
Provision of Sulphur Sale Servic
Provision of Chemical Delivery Services
Stocking & Supply of Methyl diethanolamine (MDEA)
Supplying of Chloride Adsorbent
Providing of Caustic Flakes
PDC Propylene Dichloride
Price Agreement for Electrical Spares
Supplying of Ethoxylated Alkylamine.
Supplying of Hydrocarbon Standards
Supply of Chemicals and Lubricants
Supplying of Silane
TRI Sodium Phosphate
Supply of Methanol CH3OH
Chemical Storage Facilities for ISD
Supply of Pour Point Depressant
Sale / Disposal of Sulfidic Caustic Solution
Supply of Chemicals
Invitation for Basrah Hydrogen Production Unit
Supply of Penetrating Oil & Cleaning Chemicals
Supply of Reagent Chemicals
Supply of 20MT Tamol-N
Supply of Industrial Chemicals
Supply of 300,000 KG Tio2
Supply of Rosin 800 MT
Supply of Tert - Dodecyl Mercaptan
Supply of 10MT BHT
Supply of Sodium Hydrosulfite
Supply of 50 MT PPD
Automatic Packing Moulds Line for Wax
Supply of Activated Alumina
Supply of Tert-Dodecyl Mercaptan
Supply of Chemicals
Supply of Sodium Folmaldehyde Sulfoxylate
Supply of 20MT EDTA
Supply of Sodium Nitrite
Supply of Darex Compound 7E
Supply of Isophthalic Acid
Services for Transfer of Flow Assurance Chemicals
Supply of 80 MT Sulfolane
Supply of LP (Di-lauroyl Peroxide)
Supply of Tert- Butyl Perpivalate (K32 75%)
Supply of K27 Catalyst 50%
Supply of Dimethyl Disulfide Evolution
Supply of Methanol CH3OH
Supply of Various Kinds of Chemicals
Supply of Purple K Chemical Powder
Supply of Methanol
Temporary Professional Finance Manpower
Supply of Catalysts
Chemical Reagents and Gases
Chemical Dosing of Fire Water
Supply of Diethanolamine (DEA)
Supply of Hydroxy Stearic Acid
Supply of HCL Acid and Associated Chemicals
Supply of Triethylene Glycol
Supply of Carboxy Methyl Polymer
Supply of Styrene Cation CF-S 100
Supply of Chimec-1034
Provision of Chemical Delivery Services
Supply of Methyl Ethyl Keton (MEK)
Supply of Mogas 87 RON & Jet A-1
Procurement of Water Treatment Chemicals
Nitration Grade Toluene
Chemicals & Gases
Supply of Chemicals
Supply of Chemicals
Supply of Mogas 87 Ron
Provision of Specialty Chemicals
Construction of New Chemical Storage
Supply of Sodium Bentionite
Supply of Demulsifier
Research Instrument for Chemical Test
Supply of Styrene Cation CF-S 100
Supply of Caustic Soda
Supply of Dry Chemical Powder
Supply of NA4 Powder
Supply of Hard Aluminum Sulfate
Supply of Triethylene Glycol
Supply of Caustic Soda
Oily drain vertical sump pump
Supply of Lard Oil
Purchasing of Methyl Ethyl Ketone
Supply of Diethanol Amine
Supply of Oil Soluble Demulsifier
Supply of Nalco 3DT-102 & Nalco 7359
Supply of Caustic Soda
Supply of Compound 7E
Supply of Chemicals
Supply of SRU Catalyst
Consumable Chemicals
Supply of Platinum Catalyst
Supply of Methyl Ethyl Ketone (M.E.K)
Supply of Coagulant Chemic
Supply of Carboxymethylcellulose
Supply of Biocide - Algaecide
Antioxidant & Anti Static
Soda Ash
Imported Chemicals
Nalco 3DT-102, NALCO 7359
Fluoboric Acid
Aluminium Sulphate
Drilling Mud Materials
Chemicals for Viscosity Reduction of Crude Oil
Supply of Nalco 7330, 73202, 7359, 8514, 8506, 7348
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