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Tenders for Petrochemicals

Tenders and Leads Archive
Vacuum Residue (V.R) Product Export Based on (Ex-Works)
Supply of HSFO and LSFO
Bitumen Product
Supply of HSFO and LSFO
Procurement of Green Oil Dye
Procurement of Green Oil Dye
Supply of Sugar Mill Oil
Local Supply of Group I Base Oil
Polymer Processing Aid
Supply of Mogas
Sale of Sulphur in 09 (Nine) Lots
Sulphur Export Based on (EX-Works)
Supply of Group IV Base oil
Procurement of Transformer Oil
Supply of Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK)
Catalyst for Hydro- Desulfurization Unit
Supplying Hydraulic Oil AeroShell Fluid
Supplying Hydraulic Oil Aero Shell Fluid
Supply of Packing Polyropylene
Detergent Dispersant Additive Package
Oil & Gas Packing Plant
Supply of Bitumen, Hard Grade
Supply of 20,000 Kg of Low to Moderate Temperature Cement Retarder
Supply of Quick Oil Change Machine
Turbine Oil Add
Hydraulic Oil Add
Supply of Bitumen
PDC (Propylene Dichloride ) Properties
Supply of Group II Base Oil
Supply of Green Oil Dye
Used Engine Oil to Be Sold as Scrap
Roto Xtend Oil 20 Liter
Supplying of Atmospheric Distillation Units Corrosion Protection Program
Supply of Group II Base Oil
Sale of Aircraft Fuel Product
Supply of Petroleum Products
Supply of Wash Oil
Supply of Oil & Gases Packing Plant
Supply of Green Oil Dye
Fuel Dispenser without Pump Double Hose (650)
Supply of Brake Fluid
Supply of Oil Change Machines
Supply of Group II Base Oil
Aviation Hoses
Supply of POL Products
Supply of Bitumen 85/100
Supply of POL Products
Supply of Polyurethane Speroide 20" Dia
Price Agreement for Supply of Triethylene Glycol (TEG)
Expression of Interest for Long Term Paraffinic Virgin Base Oils
Lard Oil
Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate
Depressant for Transformer Oil ECA 10111
Supply of Base Oil Group I & Ii
Refurbishment and Upgrade of Gas Dehydration Unit.
Five (5) Years Agreement for Supply of Bars and Shims
Demulsifiers for Crude Distillation Units Desalters
Supply and Installation of Oil Change Canopy
Oil Dispersant for Industrial Cooling Water
Price Agreement for Belzona Products
Provision of Waste Crude Oil Recovery and Treatment Service
Sell Naphtha Based Product
Apparatus for Analysis Liquefied Petroleum (LP) Gases
Stocking & Supply of Ethyl mercaptan
Supply of Green & Red MAster Batches at LMT Korangi
Annual Contract for Induction Sealing of Plastic Cans
Annual Contract for Supply of 210 Liters New Mild Steel Drums
Two Year Contract for Supply of 20 Liters Plastic Pails
Provision of Heat Transfer Oil Project
Providing Services for Operating & Handling of Biodiesel Plant
Provision of Helium Gas at PSO Central Lab KTA
Contract for Supply and Associated Services for NHTU Catalyst
Refurbishment of Four (4) First & Second Stage Desalters
Treatment of Oily Waste Sludge
Depressant for Transformer Oil Type Alkyl Naphthalene
Supply of Desiccant, Molecular Sieve
Upgradation of HSD Decantation & Filling System
Sell Asphalt Product
Freight Shipment of Polypropylene by Sea
Supply of Services: Catalyst Handling and Loading
Platinum Lease for Catalysts (Aromatics Plant and MAF Refinery)
Sulphur Sales FOB and/or Ex-works Basis
Supply of Mono-2-Ehtyl-Hexyl Amine
Supply of 3,000 Ton of Barite
Sale of Sulfur Product
Industrial Cleaning/Spent Catalyst & Chemical transport
Hiring Services for Transportation of Butene
Depressant for Transformer Oil
Purchase of 138,000 Tonnes of 0.1 Pct Gasoil
Supply of Triethylene Glycol (TEG) Without Any Commitment
Providing of Hydrogene Peroxide Skid Storage
Supply of White Oil
EPIC for Replacement of Hot Oil Crude Oil
Supply of Petroleum Products
Supply of Petroleum Products
Supply of Resin
Molybdenum Disulphed MOS2
Supply of Toluene
Supply of Para-Diethyl Benzene
Supply of Petroleum Products
Supply of Petroleum Products
Supply of Lubricants
Supplying Sand Blasting Machines
Supply of Methyldiethanolamine
Multipurpose Additive to Formulate Gear Oils
N-Butane to Iso-Butane Conversion Unit
Supply of Petroleum Products
Supply of Propylene Dichloride (PDC)
Stocking & Supply of Hydrochloric Acid
Supply Contract of Lubricants
Supply of Lard Oil
Supply of High Density Poly Ethylene
Thermal Grease
Supply of Denatured Fuel Ethanol
Blending Aromatics to Gas Oil Rundown Line
Supply of High Density Polyethylene
High Density Poly Ethylene
Supply of Denatured Fuel Ethanol
Manufacturers / Suppliers of Base Oil
Poly Butane Indapol ((l 100)
White Mineral Oil
White Mineral Oil High Viscosity
High Density Polyethylene
Supplying of Gasoil
Ethyibenzene / Styrene Monomer Unit
ISO-Butane Dehydrogenation Catalyst
Supply of Propylene Dichloride (PDC)
Gulf Oil and Gas
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