Tenders for Inspection

Tenders and Leads Archive
Provision of General Third Party Inspection Services
Provision of RCA Support for Offshore Operations
Inspection & Repair of Facade Glass Sealant at QatarEnergy Headquarters
Pre-Qualification of TPCA/TPIA
Provision of Asbestos Assessment and Management Services
Provision of Intelligent Pigging Inspection Services
Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Fire Detection and Fire Protection Systems at MIC and RLIC
Provision of CPF-1, HPS, WIS, WISU, GLP and GDU
Fabrication Inspection Testing and Supply of New Outlet Manifold Assemblies
Prequalification for the Supply of Slug Catchers
Purchase of Corrosion and Inspection Spares for Production Facilities
Prequalification of Supply of Agitators Mixers
Purchase of Tank Plates
Integrity Inspection for Tanks and Pressure Vessel
Provision of Dye Penetrant Inspection Products and Calibration Gas for IC (3 years)
Full Inspection for Various Sized Vessels at Zenad Station
Provision of Root Cause Analysis Support for Offshore Operations
Major Inspection & Overhaul of Alternators in PS1,PS2,PS3&PS4
Marine Rigging, Diving and Maintenance Services
Three (03) Years Open Frame Work Agreement of Pre-Shipment Inspection Agencies
Provision of Acoustic emission In-Service Inspection for Company Tanks
Ex Equipment Inspection Service
Cleaning & Inspection of Fin Fan Coolers
Offshore Jet Fuel Transit, Storage and Delivery Systems
Hiring of Third Party Pre-Shipment Inspection Services for Mud Logging Units along with Spares
Spring Supports Inspection & Supply Services during Hub 1 T and I and LSFO Shutdown Work
Provision of Scaffolding Services for Hub 1 T&I 2022 and LSFO Shutdown January 2023
Risk Based Inspection
Automated Ultrasonic Corrosion Mapping Inspections at Offshore Locations.
Purchase of Empty Steel Drums
Provision of General Third Party Inspection (TPI)
Services for Third party Inspection
Inspection & Repair of Escape Capsules at Offshore Locations
Provision of Third Party Inspection Services
Provision of Inspection, Servicing and Maintaining of Fire / Rescue Trucks
OGRA Approved Third Party Inspection Services
Provide Overhauling, Repair and Testing of Various Valves
5Y Purchase Agreement for Provision of Catalyst Dumping and Recharging
Inspection and Testing of Cementation & Stimulation Equipments
Online Third Party Inspection
Phased Array Ultrasonic (PAUT+TOFD) Flow Detector
Hiring of Panel for Independent Inspector / Surveyors
Third Party Inspection Of Under Ground Fuel Storage Tanks
Engaging Inspection Agency
Hiring of Services for Inspection / Condition Evaluation Survey
Engaging an Agency to Carry out Visual Inspection
Third Party Inspection of Factory Performance Test
Third Party Inspection Services
Providing Special Devices for Engineering Inspection
Hiring of Contract Services for Statutory Inspection
Geo-technical and Topographical Investigation Works
Pre Monsoon Checking (Year 2020)of Floating Roof Tanks
Annual Rate Contract for Statutory Inspection
Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Study for Bapco Refinery
Pre Monsoon Checking (Year 2020)of Floating Roof Tanks
Engaging Inspection Agency
Third Party Inspection of Tatsuno Dispensing Units In Japan
Third Party Inspection of loading Arms
Inspection, Servicing, Repair & Certification of Fixed Fire Fighting Systems
Implementation of OFC Based Pipeline Inspection Detection System (PIDS)
Remnant Life Assessment Inspection of Boilers
Inspection, Testing, Repairing and Calibration of Relays
Services/ Inspection of 500 KVA DG Set
Provision of Underwater Inspection and Maintenance Diving Services
Radiography Inspection Services
Intelligent Pigging Services
Hiring of Condition Monitoring/ Vibrational Analysis Inspection Services
Supply, Erection and Dismantling of Scaffolding for Pipeline Inspection
Engaging an Inspection Agency
Pre-shipment Inspection Agencies
Inspection and Overhaul of two Desalters D3/D4
Refractory Inspection Agency
Engaging an Inspection Agency
Hiring of Services of Third Part Inspection
In-Line Inspection (Ili) for Line 5
Provision of Site Service for UPS Sysytem
Third Party Inspection Services
Supply of Inspection and Overhaul of Two Desalters D3/D4
Inspection and Repair of Tank 14-Tk-502
Turnaround Maintenance Services for PWI & Cluster Stations
Provision of Inspection Services
Provision of Comprehensive Inspection and Re-Certification Service
Provision of Inspection and Certification of Lifting Equipment
Cleaning and Third Party Inspection
Inspection and Engineering Support Services
Provision of Drilling Inspection Services
Purchase of Corrosion, Inspection and Instrument Calibration Tools
Disinfection & Pest Control Services at Contract Area E
Drone for Offline Inspection
In-Line Inspection of 14-Inch Nairobi-Eldoret (Line -4)
API Standard 653 Inspection of Tank 14-Tk-502
API Standard 653 Inspection of Tank 11-Tk-201
Third Party Inspection
Provision of Cleaning, Inspection and Roof Seal Replacement Services
Provision of Comprehensive Inspection, Calibration & Recertification Services
Third Party Inspection of Lube Racks
Inspection, Testing and Calibration of Breather Valves/PV Vents
Third party Pre-shipment Inspection
Used Tubing Cleaning and Inspection
Inspection / Overhauling Kits
Third Party Inspection of LED Canopy Lights
Intelligent Line Inspection Of Sealines No. 9, 13, 15, 16, &18
Services for Quality and Quantity Assurance of Export Crude
Third party Pre-shipment Inspection
Statutory Inspection, Hydrotesting, Wet Calibration, Repair & Painting
Hiring of Services for Hydraulic Pressure Testing
Provision of Coating, Corrosion and IMS Inspection Services
GE Inspection Technologies DMSE Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge with Accessories
Inspection and Refilling of Hydrogen and Ammonia Gas Cylinders
Provision of CPF-1, HPS, PWTP, GLP & WIS
ACFM Inspection (Rope-Access)
Third Party Inspection
Ascertaining the Fitness for Service
Provision of Farwah Underwater Inspection
Third Party Inspection of Under Ground Fuel Storage Tanks
Third Party Pre-shipment Inspection
Third Party Inspection Services
Pigging of Furnace Tubes
Third Party Inspection
Inspection Services during Manufacturing of LPG Cylinders and Tanks
Inspection Services during Construction of 02 nos. of 60MT LPG Bullets
Tubular Inspection, Threading and Maintenance Service
OGRA Approved Third Party Inspection Services
Third Party Inspection Services
Providing Inspection Services
Provision of Inspection Services
Third Party Inspection of Pressure/Vacuum (PV) Valves
Tubular Inspection, Threading and Maintenance Service
Provision of Equipment Pre-Mobilization Inspection Services
Integrity Assesment of above Ground
Inspection of Cradle Machines
Inspection/Integrity Testing of Empty Storage Tank
Contract for Inspection and Maintenance of Transformer
Third Party Inspection Services
Fabrication of Various Inspection Unit
Third Party Pre-Shipment Inspection
Inspection & Refilling of Gas Cylinders
Fabrication of The Miscellaneous Aviation Inpsection Units
Inspection Drill Pipes and Drill Collar
Inspection, Service & Maintenance of Fire Protection and Fire Fighting Equipment
Third Party Inspection of Tatsuno Dispensing Units
Ultrasonic In-Line Inspection
Ultrasonic In-Line Inspection
Provision of Inspection, Calibration, Test and related Service Project
Reparatory Works Required for Inspection of Storage Tank # 001
Turnaround Earthing System Inspection, Testing & Rectification
Provision of Anti-corrosion Inspection, Test and Related Service Project
Third Party Inspection of Underground Fuel Storage Tanks
Electromagnetic Wire Rope Inspection System
Third Party Inspection of Stabilizers in China
Integrity Inspection
Third Party Inspection of 5 Nos Elevators at PSO House
Providing Inspection Services
Third Quality Inspection & Manufacturing Supervision Service
Third Party Inspetion of Reconnectable Type Breakaway Couplings
Inspection of Existing CP System
Provision of The Third Quality Inspection Service
Supply of Services for Third Party Inspection
Provision of Inspection, Analysis & Diagnostics
Provision of Company Representative(S) for Underwater Inspection
Inspection and Maintenance of Fibre Optic Cables
QHES Services
Plant Static Equipment Mechanical Inspection
Expansion Joint & Spring Support Inspection Service
Third Party Inspection During Re-Qualification of LPG Vessels & Bouzers at LPG Plant
Inspection, Services Maintenance
Inspection of Cradle Machines Installed at PSO House
Third Party Inspection During Re-Qualification of LPG Vessels & Bouzers
Contract for Refractory Inspection Services during APTA 2017
Inspection, Load testing & Certification of EOT Cranes
Providing Services of Supervision and Inspection of Underground Fuel Steel Storage Tanks
Inspection of Lifting Tools & Tackles
Balancing of Marine Loading Arms
Pilot Trial of On-Stream Robotic Inspection for Crude Oil Tank
Support Services for Inline Inspection of NCR Pipeline Network
Hiring Line Walkers Contractual Services
Intelligent Pigging of Chinchinada Mortha Pipeline
Providing Radiography Inspection Services
Inspection Drill Pipes & Drill Collars
Primary, Secondary & Wiper Seal Maintenance Work
Pipeline In-Line Inspection & Integrity Services
Provision of Specialized Inspection Services
Construction of Flowlines and Associated Works
Secure Inspection Services
Supply of Inspection Equipment
Inspection & Investigation of CP System
Scaffolding Services for Offshore Locations
Provision on of Inspection Services
Cleaning, Painting, Inspection & Certification
Carry Out in Line Inspection Condensate Export Pipeline
Third Party Inspection Services
Third Party Inspection Services
Services for Electrical Equipment Inspection
Inspection & NDT Support Services
Tubular Inspection Services
Tubular Inspection Services
Inspection, Preservation and Maintenance of Tubulars Services
Provision of Third Party Inspection Services
Inspection Services of Shipments of Refined Products
Inspection Services
Intelligent Pigging Service
Supply of Equipment and Materials for Inspection
Third Party Inpsection Services
Provision of Inspection Services
Specialized Inspection Services
Provision for 3rd Party Inspection
In-Plant Piping Survey
Underwater Inspection Services
Washing and Thermographic Inspection
ECS for Emergency Equipment Storage Facility
NDT Inspection Services
Inspection Services
Inline Inspection, Repairs and Mothballing
Jacket Inspection Services
Maintenance of Sphere
Turnaround Maintenance Works
Provision of Advanced Non Destructive Inspection Services
Sets & Materials for Engineering Inspection
Inspection & Surveillance Services
Supply of Inspection Equipment
Supply of Equipment Inspection Geometrical
Inspection and NDT Support Services
Supply of Engineering Inspection Equipment
Third Party Inspection
Third Party Inspection Service
Third Party Inspection Services
Provision of Inspection Services
Automated Ultrasonic Corrosion Mapping
Consultancy Agreement for Pigging Pipeline
Non-Destructive & Destructive Inspection
Call-off Inspection Support Service
Risk Based Inspection Program
Specialized Inspection Services
Inspection and Engineering Services
Super Structure of LPG Tanks
Major Overhaul of Potable Water Tanks
Ruston Power Turbine Overhauling and Spare Parts
Develop Inspection Plans for in-Plant Piping
Inspection & Maintenance Services
Internal Inspection of 32 Sea Water Intake Line
Mina Al Fahal Refinery Turnaround & Inspection
Provision of Technical Inspection Services
Inspection Services for Static Equipment
Third Party Inspection Services
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